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Heading Into the Weekend

Howdy!  I’m out in Wyoming, visiting family for a couple of days.


I found this “bone-head” in a shop yesterday.  Not for sale — it is the shop’s “mascot” and logo.  Drawing “bone-heads” (as I called them as a high school student) was a big part of any drawing class when I was growing up (that and gravestones!), and I have a particular fondness for them. I took a bunch of photos of this one yesterday.  Maybe I’ll try to draw it ... for the nostalgia factor.

Anyway, we head to Colorado today for our daughter-in-law’s graduation from law school, and then plan to play in Boulder for a couple of days.  I’ll be back here next week.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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Have a great weekend Kym and Tom! Enjoy every moment! xoxo


That would make a lovely subject for a drawing and you could really do it justice! Have a super good time in Boulder and safe travels!


Love the Bone Head! Congratulations to your DIL and Boulder - such a fun town. Enjoy!!!

kim in oregon

Have a lovely visit!


Love that flower-decorated bone head! Congratulations to Lauren, and I hope you all have a wonderful visit!


Happy travels! I've been following along on IG and enjoying the peeks into what you've been seeing.


The flowers make this bone head so festive! Safe travels and congratulations to you daughter in law. Wish I were watching the sunrise bounce off the flatirons.

kathy b

My daughter loves bone heads too. Have so much fun on your trip! Family time. is really special. We are so spread out these days!


Have an awesome weekend! Congrats to your DiL and have a great time!


I hope you're having a blast and soaking in all that precious family time!


Have been enjoying your "postcards" - looks like y'all are having a great time!

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