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Final Countdown

I love to knit.  But I don't knit very fast.  
(Mostly because I also love to do lots of other things besides knitting.)  
(And there are only so many hours in the day.  Y'know?)

But I have reached what I call the "Final Countdown" phase with my current knitting project.


So close to the finish I can taste it!

Plus -- I can tell it's all going to come together well ==> It fits + I like it = big win.
(Bonus:  I can wear it as soon as I finish.)

But you know what I like best about the "Final Countdown" phase?  Well . . . now I can start really planning my next knitting project in earnest!


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LOVE this, Kym! being able to wear something as soon as I finish is always the best motivation for me ... and of course now that means sweaters without sleeves ... so bonus ;-)


That is an awesome looking sweater! GO YOU! And, there is nothing wrong with slow knitting - it gives more time to savor the art of knitting!


A beautiful sweater that you love and can wear as soon as you are done is a huge win! You've photographed it on a background that reminds me of a dock Up North, and I can already picture you wearing it there!


That looks like a mighty versatile piece! Isn't it exciting when you are nearly there??


Love this, Kym! Dying to know if it’s Zooey yarn.




That is going to be perfect for you! Can't wait to see the photo shoot!


I love the look of that sweater! It looks like a perfect summer sweater! Glad you get the pleasure of wearing it now!


The sweater is lovely, but all it needs is a model!


Great sweater, one you will wear to death! Of course, the only reason that you can wear it right away is that summer was last Thursday and we have gone directly to autumn ;-)


Love this sweater! Can’t wait to hear the details and see some modeling. I’m a pretty slow knitter, too. So many other wonderful things to do and try out!


It looks fabulous already! I love that time in a project when you know you're getting really close to finishing -- it's so exciting!


I slow knit and I'm pretty monogamous so I have to make sure I reeeally want to knit a certain project when I chose it. Would like to know about some of your plans or ideas for the next project.
Your sweater is lovely!
I've been on a knitting hiatus lately. My cross stitching has been my recent addiction after finding magnifiers that make it enjoyable again after years of being frustrated by my aging eyes.


What a beautiful sweater. It will be perfect for cooler mornings and evenings. Ditto on planning the next project. I believe Brenda Dayne of Cast On said her favorite knitting project was always the next one.

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