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An Anniversary to Celebrate

Today . . . marks my 10th anniversary of blogging.

Which just kind of blows my mind.

Ten years ago today, I gathered my courage
(what if no one read it)
(or cared)
(or it was stupid)
and hit "publish" on my first blog post.


I actually started my blog as part of my "healing plan" post-chemo.  

During the time after my chemo ended (February 2009) and I started my blog (May 2009), I struggled with how to live . . . as a "survivor."  My old life was over.  I needed a new way to BE in the world!  I discovered a wonderful book - Picking Up the Pieces: Moving Forward After Surviving Cancer by Sherri Magee and Kathy Scalzo - that helped me move forward with my recovery by reclaiming my mind, body, and spirit.  (The authors use a puzzle piece analogy throughout the book, which is a great way to think about things:  the pieces of "me" were all still there, I just needed to figure out how to arrange them in a new way.)

Through several months of reflection and journaling and think-work, I developed my own "healing plan."  One of the things I wanted to do was to somehow make myself feel "real" again; to join the world in a new way; to put myself out there.  

I decided to start a blog.  

And this blogging thing has been so much . . . MORE . . . than I ever, ever imagined or anticipated.  I have found friendship, support, and inspiration every single day.  (Thanks for that!)

I hope you'll celebrate with me today.  And I hope you'll stick with me for a while longer.  I've got some new ideas and changes coming in the near future.  Nothing all that drastic, but after 10 years . . . well . . . you need to mix things up and keep things fun and fresh.  Stay tuned.

And . . . thanks so much for being here!




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Congrats on your blog!
I enjoy reading it daily.


Happy Anniversary! I know it's been a great adventure for me too! xoxo I'll clink you later this evening!


Happy blog-0-versary - so glad I found your blog! Can't wait to see/read what you have planned.

kim in oregon

Happy 10 years of blogging! I'm glad we "met'!


Happy Anniversary! I don't remember exactly when or how I started reading your blog, but I'm so glad I found you, and honestly can't quite imagine my life without you every single day. I'll be clinking you along with Patty this evening! XO


Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing!


I always look forward to your posts, and finding out what you are doing and have to say. Congrats!


I’ve been enjoying your blog for years though I rarely comment.
Every post is thoughtful and interesting. We have many of the same interests— gardening, knitting, reading and my daughter is a cancer survivor. Also, I’m a fellow Michigander (Ann Arbor).

Congrats and thank you! I look forward to what’s next.


I'm so very glad you started this blog 10 years ago. YOU inspire ME all the time and I'm so grateful for your presence in my life. XOXO


Happy blogiversary! I haven’t maintained mine and when I think to restart I never really get too far. 10 years is impressive!

Caffeine Girl

I'm not going anywhere! I truly enjoy your blog and look forward to whatever is coming.
I've had cancer three times, but it was always treatable with just surgery. I am in awe of those of you who have survived chemo.

Julia in KW

I started reading knit blogs because I was home with a child who was in dire straits. Being home, i think, saved my child’s life, and i think is some way, knitting and and community, helped save my life. Kept my hands busy, my mind occupied, and let me feel like there were people out there, surviving life, and so would we! I really appreciate what it takes to blog regularly...i don’t think i have that commitment, but i am really REALLY appreciative that you do!
Thank you...


Cheers, Kym!! I know exactly of which you speak. Blogging is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in so many ways and on so many levels. Love knowing you. Happy Blogiversary!! xo


Happy 10th Blog-o-versary! That's pretty dang impressive!

Looking forward to the NEXT 10 years!


Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that I found your blog - you are an amazing inspiration, Kym! Thank you!! XO


Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing pieces of you with us.


I am a new reader, but I'm so glad I found your blog because it's such a joy to read! Here's to 10 years and many more to come!


Celebrating with you! I'm a day late--but keeping it going! So MUCH to celebrate... You always inspire, Kym, so I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. I'm so happy for you, for those nearest & dearest in your life, and for everyone with whom you so generously share in this beautiful space you've built, So glad for that gorgeous Ravelry feature last year that lead me to you!


Thanks for 10 years of Inspiration Kym! And most of everything that Julia said. I am in awe of you commitment.


Thank YOU for putting yourself out into the blogging world and for being an inspiration to so many of us! I am very fortunate to call you a friend and you can bet I'll be here to see what your plans are and what you'll be sharing with us. I know whatever it is my life will be bettered because of what you have to share. Your encouragement is invaluable and your perspective always unique. xo

kathy b

Happy BLOGAVERSARY! Im so grateful to the knit/crochet community. > I love my blogreads!


Congratulations. I always enjoy reading what you have shared. Thank you.


I'm ten years late to the party, but congratulations on all you've accomplished this past decade! I found you recently by a fluke, when I was investigating an interesting pattern on Ravelry. I can't even remember which one, but yours was one of the finished projects I checked out. Coincidentally, I'm also in Kalamazoo! Perhaps we'll knit a few rows together some day, eh?


What an achievement. What a gift to your readers. Blessings! Mary


Congratulations. Whatever you write - however you change it up, I'll enjoy it because you wrote it.

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