Sticking With It
Sometimes Monday

An Anniversary to Celebrate

Today . . . marks my 10th anniversary of blogging.

Which just kind of blows my mind.

Ten years ago today, I gathered my courage
(what if no one read it)
(or cared)
(or it was stupid)
and hit "publish" on my first blog post.


I actually started my blog as part of my "healing plan" post-chemo.  

During the time after my chemo ended (February 2009) and I started my blog (May 2009), I struggled with how to live . . . as a "survivor."  My old life was over.  I needed a new way to BE in the world!  I discovered a wonderful book - Picking Up the Pieces: Moving Forward After Surviving Cancer by Sherri Magee and Kathy Scalzo - that helped me move forward with my recovery by reclaiming my mind, body, and spirit.  (The authors use a puzzle piece analogy throughout the book, which is a great way to think about things:  the pieces of "me" were all still there, I just needed to figure out how to arrange them in a new way.)

Through several months of reflection and journaling and think-work, I developed my own "healing plan."  One of the things I wanted to do was to somehow make myself feel "real" again; to join the world in a new way; to put myself out there.  

I decided to start a blog.  

And this blogging thing has been so much . . . MORE . . . than I ever, ever imagined or anticipated.  I have found friendship, support, and inspiration every single day.  (Thanks for that!)

I hope you'll celebrate with me today.  And I hope you'll stick with me for a while longer.  I've got some new ideas and changes coming in the near future.  Nothing all that drastic, but after 10 years . . . well . . . you need to mix things up and keep things fun and fresh.  Stay tuned.

And . . . thanks so much for being here!