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Greeting Spring In My Garden

Because You're Never Too Old . . .

for an Easter Basket from your mom, are you?


These little guys are so cute -- and so quick and easy to knit.  (You could easily crank one or two out by Easter. . . )  (Just sayin.)  I just used scraps from a couple of other projects.  And I used ready-made pompoms (because my pompom game is not up to par when it comes to smaller sizes).


Wouldn't you love some"bunny" to love?

(Ravelry details here.)


See what's Unraveling today over at Kat's!


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Lauren and Brian are going to love their adorable bunnies! Rescue that poor face-down bunny from the mulch and send them hopping westward! (I know that no bunnies were actually harmed in this photoshoot. He's just showing off his tail and making bunny puns.)


They are ADORABLE!


OMG - SO Cute!!!! Your kids will love them. I do confess that I will not try to make one. I made (if you can call it that) a tiny cat a couple of months ago and found it much more irritating than enjoyable. Oy!


So stinking cute! I'm making one for Jackie but I haven't had much time and I'm still on the head.


These are sweeter than Easter candies!

Jeannie Gray

OMG! Your bunnies are adorable! Love their muted spring time colored shirts.


Aw. Hippety hoppety!!


The cuteness!! I love them!


They are so great Kym! I'm totally looking away because I do have two little girls I'll be visiting on Easter. Say noooooooooooooooo Patty! :-)


Pansies and Bunnies! It’s Spring!


I don't knit fast or well enough to do those cute bunnies by Easter...but they are adorable...maybe next year for Chris and Elias. Too cute!


Pansies and bunnies - the perfect Spring combination. I bet your kids look forward to their Easter baskets. Darling bunnies - pom poms and all.


They are impossibly cute! I don't celebrate Easter, but I'm sure some"bunny" would love a little stuffed bunny as a gift!


How fun! Your kids (I assume that's who they're for) are really going to love them! Anyone you give them to is going to love them!!


So adorable! Wish I liked knitting tiny things! Your little bunnies might change my mind one day, Kym. On a totally different matter, for those with accents in their names....on iPad if you press down on a vowel a little bubble will pop up with all or most all of the different accent marks used for that vowel. So all you need to do is just slide your fingertip up to the appropriate one and presto it will appear on your a,e,i, o or u. (Might take a little practice).


Those are adorable! Personally, I HATE to knit small things, so I won't be making any... but I can enjoy yours!

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