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When Spring Gives You . . . Snow

On Saturday, we had a freak Spring snowstorm in the forecast.  

My first thoughts went to my garden.  Everything that is blooming or budding right now can take cold temperatures (our average last frost date isn't until mid-May after all), but heavy, wet snow?  That's enough to crush delicate blooms, for sure.  

I kept my fingers crossed that the forecast was wrong (as it often is. . .).  But once I saw the first "snow chunks" falling, I ran out into my garden to Save the Daffodils!


I cut every blooming daffodil in my garden and brought them all inside.

They made quite a bouquet -- and it gave me a chance to really see all the varieties play together, gathered in one spot as they were.

IMG_8430 3

I'm so glad I cut them and brought them in!  We ended up with enough snow that they would have been crushed under the weight of it.  (And I still have at least as many daffodil buds out there in my garden, so there are more blooms to come.)

In typical, fickle Spring fashion, the sun was shining brightly on Sunday morning, and by early afternoon, all the snow had melted.  (But for a while there on Sunday I did something I've never done before:  I gardened while there was snow on the ground.)


When Spring gives you snow . . . make lemonade!


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Mixed blessing right there Kym! That bouquet is gorgeous!


Daffodils are the perfect spring blossom as they make wonderful indoor arrangements AND, in the garden, they bounce right back and give you more to enjoy! Our blossoms must have come back three times from being buried in heavy wet snow. They are resilient!


It's a feast! Ours got hammered by one of this year's "atmospheric rivers," (newish weatherperson coinage) and the poor sad things lay splayed about as they do pretty much every year. Next year I will follow your lead and bring in a glorious glut!


That's a beautiful bouquet of daffodils - I love all those varieties! I'm glad the snow is gone and I hope it stays gone until at least Christmas!


Those are some beautiful daffodils! We have more rain for this week, at least for the next four days...I don't know when my garden will dry out enough to do some work it it!
I remember gardening in the spring snow when I lived in NY, sometimes it would snow well into May and I remember one time my mother sent me out to cut the lilac blooms so they wouldn't break under the weight of the snow.

kathy b

I love your bouquet! And gardening in the snow. WOW you rock. We got lots of snowfall but little accumulation. Still it was sassy of the Weather to ruin our saturday! But i got a lot of knitting done.

Cheryl S.

I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I didn't cut ALL the daffodils, but I had 2 big vases of them. And the ones that I didn't cut actually came through the snowstorm pretty well, so I still had a nice display outdoors. But they're all gone now.


Gorgeous!! Kinda funny how it takes something drastic to let us spoil ourselves, in a way. I remember doing that with zinnias one September storm a few years back. I had them indoors by the bucketful! It was something I’d have never done otherwise...strip the garden...and I have to admit to loving the abundance of cut flowers. Lucky you—to have more on the way! The best of both worlds :)


They make a BEAUTIFUL bouquet.


I rarely cut daffodils, preferring to appreciate them outdoors, but your "rescue" bouquet is really beautiful! I hope you don't have to garden in the snow again (this year anyway), but you do know how to show the weather who's the boss!


Sorry to hear about the snow, but look at what a beautiful bouquet you have to enjoy thanks to it! I guess there is an upside to everything.


Oh my, that's gorgeous!! I love all that variety, too!


Nice save! Your daffodils are gorgeous.

Kim in Oregon

You know, I never even think to cut the flowers in the garden. I have no idea why.


That bouquet is gorgeous ... and I still have a smile on my face picturing you out in the garden ... with the snow! xxoo!


I love your lemonade daffodils. May Spring like weather return soon so you aren't gardening in the snow.

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