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Wearing Inspiration

I love finding little labels-of-inspiration in things I'm wearing or using. 

Every time I put on this shirt, it reminds me that . . . 


getting myself outside every day . . . is actually one of the five daily "things" that bring balance to my life.

And I smile whenever I put on this cap . . . 


knowing that these wise words are right there -- pushing into my brain while I wear it.

And I love to open my wallet to find . . . 


(Plus - "vexes" is one of my all time favorite words.  So seeing it every time I use my wallet just brings me extra joy.)

I can't quite figure out how these words on the waistband of one of Tom's favorite pairs of pants inspire. . . 




Today's post sort of qualifies for Three on Thursday (let's just say . . . it's three inspiring labels with an extra bonus goofy label and call it close enough). Be sure to hop on over to Carole's today for more Three on Thursday posts!





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I love the idea of wearing clothing with words that inspire. I think Tom's pants are saying when you do something (like go on a trip to Argentina), you are born (again), renewed, changed, awed by the experience only YOU can have.


I got nothing except...thinking about the meeting where someone said and everyone agreed...Born from the experience...YEAH! Hahahahaha...have a great day Kym!


What Margene said ... because I've got nothing of my own for this one. My clothing has mostly routine labels; I think I need more inspiration!


Unexpected small different unusual contented - anything sayings are so happily accepted, no matter where they arise.
Born/brought into existence, to go again and be aware of new life around?
Ya, I like the “outside” one.

Jeannie Gray

I used to have a tee shirt with "Call your mother" printed on the label. I love to find little unexpected labels like that.


Great labels! I need some inspiration in my stuff! (love your wallet)


Born from the experience: I am who I am because of everything that has happened to me. So even things I don't particularly like to remember (or suffer through at the time) are part of who I am today (and I pretty much like who I am right now).


Not so much inspiration as a warning .............

We made many crappy pairs of pants before we FINALLY could sew a pair that would stay up and not fall apart. Please appreciate all our hard work.

THAT's what THOSE pants are saying.


I like all of these so much! I also like "vexes" - I think words with x's in them are appealing. For instance, the word "flummoxxed" - I mean, come on, those double xx's!!


Your labels are fab. I don't know WHAT to say about Tom's!


My labels are not so inspiring. I like the "everyday outside " one and it is something that I always do. My grandmother used to tell us to go outside everyday to "blow the dirt off"!


This makes me think about putting inspiring labels in my hand made garments!

And, that Tom waistband quote - perhaps it is the experiences that gives us life! (And, I think that would be a great name for a beer, just sayin'!)


Ok I will admit I was a bit at a loss when I first saw that saying. Then after reflecting a bit, I believe it’s a mantra to get out and reinvent yourself by experiencing. Each experience is a rebirth of you, like what one of the other commenters said. Are they pants he would wear hiking?


I do love Kat's idea to put inspiring labels into our garments. maybe simple to start, like Love, Be Kind, and Hope?


Is the hat from Life Is Good? I really like their stuff. I have a t-shirt that has a pair of Birkenstock-style sandals on it along with the phrase "Not all who wander are lost."


Love the Emily Brontë one. Those Victorian women were independent thinkers. But the waistband one? Now there's a head-scratcher.


Whoda thought? Great discussion about, I'm going to be ever more conscious of them. Fun!

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