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Unraveling . . . A Bathroom

When we bought our house (almost 16 years ago) (which is freakin' unbelievable), the owner had to give us a significant "renovation allowance" . . . because there was wallpaper EVERYWHERE.  I know it was high-end wallpaper, professionally installed and (I'm sure) very on-trend when it was first done.  In 1989.  But it wasn't me and it didn't go with my stuff and it wasn't what I wanted to look at/live in every day.

So I spent every cent of the"renovation allowance" hiring professionals to remove and paint the major living spaces before we even moved in.  (Ahhhh.  So much better.)  But I ran out of "renovation allowance" before I ran out of rooms (because I also recarpeted) (priorities).  Three rooms were left . . . for later:

And then, there was one.  Which means -- Yes!  It's time to re-do the guest bathroom!

Right now, it's in a state of . . . unravel.


I'm (slowly and painstakingly) removing the (truly gross) wallpaper.


There is a lovely new sink and a new granite countertop -- but no fixtures.  (Plumber coming later today!)


And soon, the shower fixtures will be new and up to date.  (See plumber, above.)

I still haven't decided on a paint color, but I've narrowed my choices.  And I have a little time.  (Because I still need to get the rest of the wallpaper off the walls.)

It won't be long now . . . and I'll have accomplished what I set out to do nearly 16 years ago:  Blot out the memory of all that hideous wallpaper!

(Unraveled, indeed.)