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Time Again

. . . for another stash giveaway!

This month, I have 4 skeins of Noro Ayatori in a charcoal/grey/chartreuse mix.


This (now discontinued) sport-weight Noro yarn is 60% wool and 40% silk, and feels very much like a slightly thinner version of Noro Silk Garden.  There is 155 yards per skein, and the yarn would make a great scarf or shawl.  Originally, I had planned to knit this scarf with it -- and I still think that would be a great option.  And check out this Hitchhiker knit with this very yarn!  

The yarn is especially lovely -- but it has been sitting in my stash for a very long time now.  It's time for it to go out in the world and bring joy to another knitter!

How about YOU?  Would it bring you joy?

Let me know in the comments - by this Friday.  I'll choose a winner on Friday at 5:00 pm EST (through a highly scientific, random draw-a-name-from-a-hat process), and will contact the new joyful owner for their address by email.

Thanks for letting me share the joy!

(Tell your friends.)



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kim in oregon

That is very pretty and I'll toss my name into the Easter Bonnet!


That Hitchhiker makes your yarn even more tempting, but one thing I don't need is more yarn, no matter how lovely. I'm just here to admire and share the joy!


Love me some Nora...... will take a chance on sharing some joy!


Oh my! That yarn is indeed lovely! And, tho I do not need any more yarn - I am tossing my name into the ring for this yarn! Good luck everyone!


I always love how Noro yarns knit up in entrelac patterns, too, y'know, if anyone needs any ideas!! Hm. ;) And, why not, I'll toss my name into the hat for this little bit of stash enhancement!!


Hello! I'm new to your blog and enjoying reading your past posts. I wouldn't mind winning a little Easter surprise! Thanks.

mary mcmahon

Those colors! They would be perfect for one of my daughters. thanks for your blog. I still laugh almost every day about the "every damn day" list! I now have one. best, Mary in Cincinnati

Donna Nelson

Please enter me in the Noro contest, I will love the scarf forever!


Oh that yarn is so pretty! Not throwing my hat into the pool for this one though...I've got too many things I'm working on.


Well, I’ll join the queue and plop in my name too - that Hitchhiker pattern is a true+tried pattern, and even though Noro is not my kind of yarn, those colors are just right and I’m willing to make a go at it again.
Thanks Kim. Is your stash decreasing?


I am behaving myself and not giving more yarn a new home. This yarnaholic is even eschewing yarn shops!


I love the contrast in that yarn!
Thank you so much for sharing it with someone.

Pam Beecy

Hi Kym and thanks for the chance to own this lovely Noro. I have been knitting away at Hitchhiker scarves for three of my girlfriends and would love to turn this yarn into a fourth one. Fingers crossed!

Linda W.

Put my name in the hat! It is lovely yarn. Need a bit of a pick me up after the long winter.

Linda W.

Put my name in the hat! It is lovely yarn. Need a bit of a pick me up after the long winter.

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