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So, last week I wrote a blog post that asked a question:  What's stopping you from starting to focus on your fitness?

I'm just gonna admit it.  This was a scary thing for me to do.  Because what if you thought I was full of crap, talking about fitness on a (sort of) knitting kind of blog.  What if you weren't interested?  What if I was just way off base on that topic?  What if . . . no one even responded???

But.  I think I wasn't really off base.  Because you DID respond.  And I am so honored to have received your responses.  (Thank you.)


It turns out that many of us share the same barriers to working on our fitness:

  • TIME  . . . turns out to be The Biggie.  Finding it.  Having enough.  Balancing it with our other priorities.
  • What I call "The Hassle Factor" is also big.  Needing to change in and out of appropriate clothes.  Having the right gear.  The distance to a gym.  Sweat.  Dealing with our hair.  Depending on someone else's schedule (the gym's, for example).
  • Boredom.  Just not liking to exercise, generally.  And being bored while we're doing it.
  • Needing to find a partner or "accountability buddy."  Because for many of us, it's easier to exercise with a friend.
  • Health issues.  It's not as easy to move as it once was.  Injuries mean we need to change up our preferred ways of moving.  It's hard to get started again after a set-back.
  • Weather.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too windy.  Too icy.
  • Isolation.  If we living in a rural area, it's hard to find a convenient gym.  Or a nearby exercise buddy.

It also turns out that many of us are motivated by the same things when we do focus on our fitness:

  • Wanting to feel better.  Lose some weight.  Be healthier.
  • Being part of a "community" of exercise friends and "accountability buddies."
  • Our dogs!
  • Wearing our fitness trackers or watches.
  • Finding good instructors or trainers.
  • Our grandchildren.
  • Endorphins.

We're very willing to share our advice and tips for what does work for us:

  • Figure out what you like to do, then do that.
  • Find the time of day that works best for you.
  • Mix things up to avoid boredom.
  • Schedule your fitness first, and then work your schedule around that.
  • There's a lot of value in a 10-minute workout.

Best of all . . . You shared your mantras!

  • "Get outside and GO." (Margene)
  • "I can do anything for 10 minutes." (Carolyn)
  • "I'm training for my next decade." (Yvonne)

Now what?

Oh, stay tuned!
(Because now I'm really motivated!)


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Oh cool. This is so interesting. I love those mantras! They're very... motivating!


I love I'm training for my next decade! I am! xoxo


I loved your original post, this summing up, and I'm looking forward to what comes next! I've been using Yvonne's mantra since I first read it! (I also really enjoyed seeing lots of new names in the comments that I didn't recognize. Clearly this is a topic that many people are interested in and you were certainly not off base!)


The Mantras are all great as are your posts on this topic. I/We are not alone. Looking forward to your future posts on this Kym.


The mantras are great! So, great... and "training for my next decade" could easily become training for the rest of my life!


I love “training for my next decade”. I’m adopting this as my mantra! My next decade is a big one. One that I’ve seen friends have dramatic changes. I want my decade to be like my mom. She wasn’t a super exerciser but did water aerobics several times a week.


It makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm not alone in struggling with finding time to exercise. I think what it ultimately comes down to is making your health a priority and pushing it up the list of to-dos.


What an interesting set of responses! Fpr me, I am very lucky to have a husband who is 100% committed to fitness. So having a partner is really the best way. When I'm unmotivated, he gets my butt out there, and sometimes vice versa.

Interesting that some folks mentioned the barrier posed by dealing with longer hair. Stopping caring so much about how my hair looks, and just putting it in a ponytail and calling it good has worked for me. But I do understand the issue.


So very well summarized and “summed up”, I shall think on many of these topics.
And since mantras are THE topic, I like the “I can do anything for 10 minutes” by Carolyn, that’ll make me go if anything will!


Training for the next decade is what fitness is all about! At least it has always been so for me! This last week we've had days of pouring rain. Mylo and I were out NO MATTER WHAT. We're used to all.the.weather and learning to love it (relish it even). Anyway, having my dog means no more excuses! LOL I'll be watching to see what your suggestions are, Kym.


I see my top two barriers are the same as everyone else's and I think that makes me feel . . . good? hahaha! I'm looking forward to reading more on how we can overcome the obstacles we have.

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