Even More Poetry
Everything Counts

Sometimes Monday

. . . is also Earth Day!


(And sometimes it even lines up with a beautiful spring weather forecast.)  

Make it a point to get outside today - no matter the weather. 

Take a walk.
Work in your garden.
Just sit and enjoy the fresh air.

Or . . . do all three!
(That's my plan.)

Celebrate Earth Day.  Get outside!

"In nature nothing exists alone."
            --- Rachel Carson


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Happy Earth Day Monday to you! I will be in my garden a bit today and I am really looking forward to it.


My plans are exactly the same today!


Walk, work, sit, and bathe in the surroundings. Sounds good.
And I might pick up a piece of stray rubble/garbage/fallen branch/errant paper now and then, whatever is on the ground to help Mother Earth from decomposing “stuff” in the usually-not-acceptable or wanted place.


Enjoy!! If I can escape at lunchtime to get out for a little bit, I will.


We had such fun with an egg hunt in the back yard yesterday on one of the most delightful Easter days in memory! We haven't even had a handful of "nice" days yet this spring, so it was EXTRA nice.

Earth Day is always special for us, as it's also Kate's birthday!! And this year, it's also LADY DAY, as she officially becomes a Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber. :)


Happy Earth Day! I plan to get outside today as well, putter in the garden, take the dog for a walk, & maybe just sit and enjoy this fine day!


The rain is coming this afternoon but I told Boone we'd go out no matter what! Enjoy the day Kym! (Do you remember the first one and did you think it was the coolest thing ever?)

kim in oregon

I'm stuck inside til maybe about three, and then I'll do some clean up of the yard!


It's a little cloudy out right now, but I'm betting we will get out for a walk this afternoon.

Happy Earth Day, Kym.


Here in Colorado Sunday was a better earth day lol!


It's chilly and rainy here today so getting outside (other than walking to my car) isn't very pleasant. But still - I love Mother Earth!


Marc and I have been enjoying Spring here today ... the porch is open for the season, the pollen is (at least for now) cleared away, and the birds are singing. Happy Earth indeed!


Oh yes! I did all three (even though it's chilly and cloudy) and got my iWatch reward, too. :)


As luck would have it, I was out and about this morning, when it was still overcast and rather gloomy. But the sun did come out and I enjoyed it through the window (and for the few moments I popped outside)!

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