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New Month . . .

new bucket list!


I put together a little mini "bucket list" every month.  It's just easy things I want to be sure to do during the month.  (And sometimes hard things.  Like removing the wallpaper in my upstairs bathroom.)  Writing these things down helps me take them seriously enough to actually get them done.

How about you?  What's on your "bucket list" this month?


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This month? April?? Taxes. ;)


The monthly bucket list is a great idea—count me in!


Taxes are on the list here, too, but I need to follow your list and add some fun things also!


Well, you know I am not a list maker. And, our taxes are done - have been done for some time now. I guess I would list as a top one get ready for vacation!! (end of April/first week of May). I also want to (finally) clean out some of my Dad's things. There are items for my brothers and I want them out of my house. Just difficult to get motivated sometimes....


Hmmmm...clean 3 season porch in preparation for spring relaxation when we can't be all the way outside! Switch clothes, throw clothes, buy clothes! This is a great idea...I may have to make a pretty little list myself!


Plant daffodil bulbs and hyacinth bulbs from the planter into the ground.

"Heavy" talk at the doctor about doing things differently. Not a pleasant talk, but one that must be done. :-(

Not much else on the April bucket list. Most of the outside things are on hold until the electric company takes down the big tree in our front yard. Then it will be full speed ahead with yard chores.


Damned taxes are on my list - I need to get them finished this week! And, sewing!! Which has now moved to a bonus to do once the taxes are done! LOL


I love that planting pansies is on your list. around here, this is the month we change them out for "summer" flowers. my list includes reading, sewing, knitting, crocheting (?!?) and almost-daily pilates. Let's go April!!


Planting pansies is on my list for this week. I also hope to make some travel plans for June. Then all the usual - knitting, sewing, finishing a quilt top, and oh yes - housework - whenever.


I o something similar but quarterly rather than monthly. I'm thinking of pansies in the window boxes RIGHT NOW but then I know I will hate to pull them out at the end of May so I'm hesitating.


I'm a list maker and always start with 1) Make list. That way I can cross off something immediately which gives me impetus to finish and cross off the next item(s)! This month has two major items...taxes, which I'm getting done today, and attending PlyAway in Kansas City next week.


I don't have anything major on my list for this month other than getting through it -- it's graduation time at the university where I work, so there's a lot of activity right now! I just need to get through it and then things will be a lot less stressful.


My bucket list includes filling in the holes some of the autumn left behind. Most survived beautifully. My #1 plan is to ready the patio for May's glorious (hopefully) days. The main thing is getting Mylo to a park as often as possible. He's fearful of the car and we're trying to show him it will take him to fun places (not just to the vet and the bath spot).


On my list: Finish quilt show preparations and a lot of creating outer order, aka as Dostadning!

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