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Moody Broody Lake Michigan

On Saturday, Tom and I were in South Haven (Tom and 4 friends having just run a 33.5-mile relay from Kalamazoo to South Haven on the Kal-Haven Trail).  While Saturday started out foggy in Kalamazoo, the fog burned off during the run and it ended up as one of those beautiful, sunny, blue-sky spring days.

A great day to head out to the South Haven beach and walk the pier!


Or maybe not so much.

A block from the pier, the sun was shining.  But as we got closer to Lake Michigan, everything was socked in with fog.  Very . . . moody-broody.

(Usually, at this point in the walk, the bright red lighthouse at the end of the pier is an impressive sight.)  (Promotional shots here.)

It was fun (and chilly) to walk the pier in the fog.  Everything was subdued.  Kind of . . . wrapped up and quiet.  
Eventually, the lighthouse revealed itself.


This moody-broody fog is "sea fog" or "lake fog" -- a phenomenon that happens when warm, moist air flows over cold water.  It happens over coastal areas of the oceans, the Gulf of Mexico . . . and the Great Lakes.

I'd never experienced it on Lake Michigan before (although I've seen it pretty much every time I cross the Golden Gate Bridge).


Things are always interesting on the lakeshore!


Ahhhh.  There's that bright, red lighthouse!


Happy Monday!







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Looking good Kym! Happy Monday to you! xo


I love how fog swaddles everything, only revealing sights and sounds when you get very close to them. We get the same thing on the Delaware River.


Even shrouded in fog Lake Michigan is a wonder! Happy Monday to you!


I really like fog a lot. I love the stillness and quiet it brings. These are great pictures Kym - thanks for sharing!


The quiet, wet air fog produces is something we only see during the winter. Moody it is! Thank you for sharing this phenomena with us.

Cheryl S.

Great photos! I love fog, when I'm not driving in it.


It's amazing how fog can be both comforting and eerie. I don't mind it early in the morning, but I love it when the sun comes out and burns it off. Looks like it was a nice walk!


It sure is pretty, though!


I’m always mesmerized by the fog on the coast of Maine. Early morning we can be socked in, then slowly the sun breaks through almost in a teasing fashion. The rest of the day will be glorious. Late in the day the tendrils of fog weave their way back from the ocean on to land.


Cape Cod beaches can be very much like that - the sun can be shining at the house and then the beach is completely socked in. I'm glad you guys got to walk after the race!

Honore´ Francois

I grew up in Michigan - Muskegon with many a summer spent in Chicago, too, on the lake...your photos brought back many a memory of my childhood days. Thx!


cool photos, Kym - and what a great reason to be visiting the lake shore! I've never lived close enough to water to figure out the whole fog thing, but even our little lake sometimes makes for a moody-broody walk!


Fog is exciting. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


What is it about fog? Very mysterious I think. Happy Monday indeed.


That sea fog was exactly what I found when I drove from Portland to the coast to *see* the ocean. Fog, mysterious, photo-worthy, but not exactly conducive to seeing the ocean.

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