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Because You're Never Too Old . . .

Let's Start With What's Stopping You

I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately . . . about physical wellness . . . and, specifically, about exercise.  Or working out.  Or fitness.  Or whatever we choose to call it.

And why it's so very hard for most people to DO.

(Because it is.)


I decided I don't need to write a blog post about WHY we should focus more on our fitness.  Because we already know that.  

I decided I needed to write a blog post about . . . what's stopping us from doing it.  What is it, exactly, that's keeping YOU from a fitter YOU?  Could it be . . . 

  • that you just really don't like exercising?
  • that you hate to sweat?
  • that you don't know where to start?
  • or that you've "failed" so many times before you just can't bear to try again?
  • or maybe because you're just too busy?
  • don't have time?
  • don't have energy?
  • that you don't have a gym nearby?
  • or that you hate gyms?
  • that you'll do it some other time . . . later . . . ?
  • that you don't think you can do it on your own?

There are so many reasons for not doing it; so many reasons for not moving.  
What . . . do you think . . . is the nugget of something that keeps you from moving?

I think that's the place we should start!


Let's discuss this!  Leave a comment and let me know what's stopping you from starting . . . working on your fitness.  And - if you have started (yay!), please share your tips.  Because we can all learn from each other.  

I'll put together a little summary for next week -- and share some things I've been reading lately that may help us all get moving.


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You startled me...mainly because I have been wrestling with the exercise issue. I am struggling with some difficult health issues. At the same time I want to exercise as much as possible, but finding a partner is tough.


The one thing that has kept me accountable all these years is community. I've had early morning running partners as the mom of a young child, weekend partners to make me show up and now the community of class at the Y. If you're not there they will come looking for you!


Having a dog is a great incentive to getting out and moving!
I got a puppy last year and walk him 2x a day!
I've met a lot more neighbors and fellow dog lovers.
I have always exercised and stay fit but this has upped my game, dropped about 10
pound as well!


I hate to sweat. I hate exercise. I've tried so many times and have failed. I don't MAKE time. I've got every excuse in the book. But I'm so very overweight and I really need to lose LOTS of weight to keep from having health issues. I want to be around for the grandkids for as long as possible. I think I might have just found a reason to exercise...


I really hate to exercise. And I know, I know, there are all different types so there has to be one I like. Perhaps that's true but I've yet to discover what it might be. (I did like spin class when I had a gym membership but I hated that it was on someone else's schedule.) The other and probably biggest issue for me is time. With full time work and part time politician stuff it's just hard to find much free time, especially if I wind up being sweaty and then need to also allow time for showering etc. I'm full of excuses!


I’m in the morbidly obese range but since December last year have managed to adopt a better way of eating and am down 22 pounds. I need to start thinking about adding exercise to my daily habits.

I can swim but I am not confident and I hate with a passion the faff of getting into the pool and then getting dry and changed afterwards. I also have thick long hair which I hate getting wet and having to wash at the pool.

I can walk but find it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the door, I find walking boring even with an audiobook. I’m getting better at doing it and this is what I am working on right now,

I’m a total loner, the thought of a gym or class (both of which I’ve done in the past) horrifies me right now.

So I’m an early WIP when it comes to health but it’s definitely a high priority.

Really enjoying your posts on this.


Like many exercise is not my thing. The only way I manage is to commit to a class (2 classes + yoga) where I put my money down. The Scot in me turns up every time! Find a good instructor, someone who mixes things up, so you don’t get bored doing the same old thing each class. I do enjoy the benefits of exercise, more energy, flexibility, strength, and good health even though it’s sometimes a real drag. A mantra that I find useful is...I’m training for my next decade. I do want to be fit and enjoy an active retirement.


I think my biggest enemy is time. Weekdays are a mad dash for me: get everyone out the door, get to work, get home, get the kid, make dinner, pack lunches, clean up, get kid to bed. There's no extra time in there. And on the weekends, I need to allot a good hour if I want to go for a run or a long walk, plus there's cool-down time and getting showered afterwards. It's really a luxury that I don't always get. The good thing is that I walk to and from work everyday, so I'm guaranteed at least half an hour each weekday to some active time.


The thing for me is this... if I want to be healthy - I need to do something about it! One thing that helped tremendously for me is having an "accountability buddy" which was a simple as can be via my iWatch. I have gotten to the point of "not wanting to miss" because even though it is hard, when I am done it just feels so good!


I’ve always been fairly active. I’ve had gym memberships and have done yoga for 15 years. During the time I worked having a exercise buddy made all the difference. Since the nearest gym is a good 20-25 minutes away , committing ourselzves to going at least twice a week helped. Then my buddy retired and moved to SC. I started out good but it became easier to hang a right to drive a half mile to my house rather than go to the gym. I revived my workout schedule in retirement but travel and activities make it inconsistent sometimes. I now schedule my Exercise first and build my day around it. If something interrupts, I immediately schedule not her day. I’ve also found some good yoga apps for at home.


Time is probably my biggest enemy. I probably have time, but there are so many other things I would rather do with it than exercise - read, knit, meditate, shoot my bow, hike on my own terms and not for exercise, garden, etc. And at 61, it sometimes feels like a losing battle. I walk ~3 miles/day, but that is just barely keeping up with what I think I should be doing (weight-bearing exercise, more aerobics, and more flexibility). I do like Yvonne's mantra of training for the next decade because that's the truth.


A series of things called a halt to my running (caregiving an aging parent and some difficult health issues) but I never stopping wanting to exercise. I just had to go with walking and gentle yoga. But I am conquering some of those health issues and getting my energy back so I see hope for new routines coming soon.

Marilyn Phillips

Two years ago, I was logging 100 miles/month...and, then I hurt my foot. The doctor suggested rest. And, here I sit, two years later...resting. The hardest part of a walking routine is walking out the door. I have no good excuse.


Like others, time is an issue for me. I work full time and then when I get home I cook or fix something for dinner. Sitting down to dinner together is a priority for Fletch and me. By the time we are finished (and we usually read together after dinner), it's time to clean up and then it's too late to exercise (or it will keep me awake longer than I should be). I have (finally) gotten back into the habit of doing a small workout when I first get home (crunches, some yoga moves, arm exercises with weights), but I'd like to do more. I NEED to start going to a new yoga studio (closer to home, less $$), but I haven't started yet. With nicer weather I'm hoping to get out and walk a bit - either after dinner or on weekends.


For me it's been about what is easy and what I like. I've always liked to walk so I walk as much as possible (usually 5-7 miles a day). And I found swim fitness. That's the one I've loved best. My body doesn't hurt when I do it. We keep our heart rates up for over 30 minutes (even sweat) and the early morning class means I'm done for the day early enough to do anything else I want. Move, move, move. Keep moving! Don't live that sedentary life. I've seen too many friends lives altered by debilitating illness because they didn't want to move off the couch. You don't need a gym, you don't need a pool, you don't need a treadmill. Get outside and go. Thank you for guiding us through this total fitness forest, Kym.


Wow, so many responses- we all do want to exercise . . . but . . .
I live in a rural area, the outside and sunshine is so availably great but then I see all the weeding I should do (now that it is spring) and in summer it is terribly hot/humid, . . . excuses or not focusing? So, to really exercise I drive somewhere, to be with others who help motivate and make it a point to exercise.
But my ole body has health issues, which I am constantly working on but am slowly failing to keep up with after 69 yrs of age, my body really is not working well in some areas. I do have to accept that.
But if I don’t move, it hurts more than if I do move.


All of those reasons/excuses + the long thick hair (that's a good one!). Walking is slow and boring, I hate jogging/running with the power of a thousand suns; I enjoy cycling, but not when it's too windy or too hot/humid or too hilly. I've tried the gym, personal trainer, yoga, etc. It works best when I have a partner... and I don't right now. I work long days, have a lot of interests/hobbies/duties and barely have time for them (lots of prioritizing & juggling), and I'm very involved with my family -- kids & grandkids. I am thankful for the grands, with all the lifting and floor time, etc., at least that's something...


For me it's Newton's First Law of Motion - an object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force.

So far, the outside force has not shown up.


I make every effort to walk - preferably outside daily...if I don't, I'm either ill (very rare) or the weather's too inclement. It's real easy for me to spend the day in my "jammies," so I make an extra special effort to dress circa 9 am (I've been up approx 3 hours, usually) ...once I"m dressed, I generally go out and on my way. Warmer weather's easier for getting Apple Watch is a good pest, too ...especially the "stand" feature - a regular pest! - if I've been sedentary too long. Hot weather - just around the bend - is another great incentive for me to get out early. My walking companions are books, podcasts and my delight at seeing lovely flowers...
Thanks for encouraging us to analyze our habits!


I enjoy walking in all kinds of weather but I fall down in the weight bearing exercise area. I hate gyms and I find weight machines and/or free weights boring. I know that I feel better when I move though and I am good at following a stretching routine.


I've always known I'm endorphin driven, so I've had to choose to do *something* every day--or else be REALLY grumpy. I'm also at a stage in my life when I'm giving to & providing for a family. Which means time is a hot commodity. (And I don't want to spend it all exercising! Because, while I love the way it makes me FEEL, there are a lot of other ways I'd like to use my time!) So my winning combo has been YouTube and the mantra "I can do ANYTHING for 10 minutes." Every day I do a minimum of 10 minutes' worth of exercise on YouTube, right after my my morning coffee, reading & meditation time. It's the last thing that happens before everyone else wakes up. I Google whatever kind of workout I want to do--today it was a '15-minute glutes' search. Sometimes it's a longer one--like '45 minute fusion fitness.' When I need the quickest bang for my buck it's '10-minute cardio blast.' What I love is that my '10 minute' mantra gets me to my mat--and, really, once I'm there, it's smooth sailing!

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