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I am not a terribly speedy knitter.  
And I'm a pretty dull knitter.  Meaning . . . I pick something I want to knit, and then I knit it.  Almost always until it is finished.  And I'm usually just devoted to one knitting project at a time.

And that means . . . I'm usually off by a season whenever I end up knitting something to wear.

Like, well.  Just before I knit the bunnies, I had decided that I wanted to knit this.  In wool.  (I even swatched.) Because it's still cold.  And a new wool pullover appeals to me pretty much any time except in summer's heat. 

But I know what would happen.  I'd get started, and then I'd finish.  But it would be the end of May.  And then I'd have to put it away until fall.  And, sure.  That's a fine thing.  Because next fall, I'd open my drawer of sweaters and be so pleasantly surprised to find a new one, ready and waiting.

That's what happens to me all the time!  (Just last week, for example, I was delighted to open my sweater drawer and find a lovely linen Tegna -- all knit up but never worn, waiting to greet the spring.)  (Because I finished it in October as the temperatures were plummeting and winter was calling.)


I decided to try something new.

I decided to . . . knit in season for a change!


I'm making this sweater in this yarn.  It will be perfect for the warm weather months.  Maybe even the soon-to-be-here warm weather months!

IMG_7440 2

Now wouldn't that be nice and seasonal?


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Oh - nice pattern and yarn! should have it done in time to start the other one for Fall, right??? Really, both patterns are great and I look forward to seeing them unfold in your posts.


The June Grass sweater looks like a great layering piece that could be worn in all seasons with the proper underlayers -- what a great, wearable sweater! Like you, I am a slow knitter who NEVER knits in season. But unlike you, I have knit a lot more stitches to make a sweater. Because I am a K.O.U.S. (Knitter of Unusual Size).


Lovely! I'm trying to maintain a monogamous relationship with my knitting and its. so. hard. Sock one should be finished today to sock two or to not sock two? :-)


Great new project; best o' luck to ya in getting it done to wear soon! Looks like you're off to a grand start!
As for my "knitting in season," well, we won't even go there......Enjoy your new sweater and I look forward to seeing it modeled on ya!


I opened up the Felix link first and loved it; then I opened the Junegrass link and really loved it! And in that great Zooey yarn it will definitely be in season. This doesn't sound dull to me at all; it sounds like a cunning and clever plan indeed!


Junegrass has been on my radar for awhile - I love your yarn choice! And, I see that it has even been knit with Coast (which might just be my new favorite yarn for warmer weather!)

But, your wool sweater... I confess I have thought about it at least once a week. I do not have enough of any color of Lopi or I would have cast on already. I just have not pulled the trigger and ordered the yarn in my cart at Webs - my thoughts are much like yours, wrong season.


I wish I was monogamous when it comes to knitting. I certainly would not take months to knit a sock! Unfortunately, I do enjoy having a large project and at least one small project. The small projects are usually something I can easily knit in the car or at knitting group. The larger project can be more complex or not. The sweater conundrum has always plagued me. I just finished a wool sweater which probably will be put away but I do have a cotton one on the needles!


I don't think I've ever been monogamous with knitting... or crafting in general! Whim is my middle name. But BOTH of those sweaters will be mighty fine additions to their respective drawers/seasons. ;)


That looks like a lovely summer sweater! I've stopped making plans for when my knitting is finished. I'm happy to get anything at all. I'm hoping summer comes and stays! So far we've had a Sprinter spring. :-)


That new project is going to make a lovely sweater. I love the simple, classic look of it. Have fun knitting - no matter the season.


I hope you will make that cool season sweater as well. The detailing at the shoulder is exquisite!


That looks like a perfect spring sweater! I love that deep slip hem -- I bet it'll be perfect for letting in a little breeze to cool you off.


Looking good! I love CBH's designs, although I've never actually knit one yet. I knit my first sweater on the front porch at the height of June. It was divine. Purplish yarn against bright green foliage. I thought I was in heaven.


That sweater is on my list too. I am also a slow knitter.


I ALWAYS knit for the season (I find I rarely end up wearing a piece I finish and cannot immediately wear - I think of it as a "bonding experience") Zooey is one of my favorite warm weather yarns and that pattern looks like a perfect match. ... and sending wishes that you'll have warm enough weather to wear it well in advance of finishing ... for extra inspiration! :-)


A finished knit you can actually wear right away? What a unique concept!


I knit a sweater of Zooey several years ago - I think the texture will be really nice on that sweater. And it *will* be fun to wear it right away. I too tend to finish winter sweaters in spring and that last summer sweater (filling a wardrobe need, usually) about the time I get my wool sweater out again.

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