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Greeting Spring In My Garden

"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden."
                    --- Ruth Stout

Spring is fickle, to be sure. 

But it's also. . .  here.  (Finally.)  
And Ruth Stout is right: I will always choose to greet it in my garden.  
Which is definitely coming back to life!

Sweet crocus are blooming.


My hellebores are waking up.


And my larch tree is greening up again.


My garden is the perfect place to greet the spring!
(Even though it's cold and windy today.)  (But, hey.  No snow.)


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I love the green "glow" around trees as they slowly greet spring with new leaves. Enjoy springtime in your garden!


This morning I noticed a few leaves on my raspberries! And, the rhubarb is coming up! It is so wonderful to welcome back the plants!


I have yer snow. Ugh. Hellebores... I really need to try again!! I love them!

Jeannie Gray

Beautiful buds! I love it when the trees get that fuzzy, hazy look.


Cheryl and I saw hellebores at Red Butte on Monday and I thought of you. Spring is trying to take hold here, but sprinter is in full force. Yesterday we had copious amounts of rain in the valley AND 30+ inches of snow in the mountains!! Come on, spring!

kathy b

I love hellebores. Im loving everyone's photos. WE are gray and stormy today. At least our snowfall was pretty but hit the ground and did not stick. Keep those pretty garden shots coming!


Thank you for sharing your garden. We Coloradans are looking out at a foot of snow!


Everything is coming to life!! Like others, I love the hazy green look to things in Spring - before everything really leafs out. Kind of like looking through gauze. Relaxing and pretty. Glad to hear you did NOT get snow!!


Your photo of the crocuses is FRAME WORTHY!!! Beautiful!!!


The best thing so far about this spring is seeing all the stuff coming up in my front garden! And now I need to review what you told me about pruning!

kim in oregon

Garden pictures make me so happy!


Last week, my garden looked very much like yours. This week, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming and green leaves are opening up everywhere. Spring is so very welcome!


I need to plant some early bloomers to liven up my yard. It must make you smile after a hard winter.


Gardens in spring are like magic. The rhubarb is up and so our the chives! We are expecting temps below freezing this evening so I covered my pansies with a sheet. They are also tucked up next to the house. And no snow here either. Life is good.


Spring to me is calves in the new greening grass, pansies (such happy flowers), and trees with the green fuzzies. Driving to Kansas City this week for a handspinners convention of sorts let me see lots of all of the above!


My daffs are 6" high (with frost-bitten tips, just like every year), but there is no sign of the 50+ crocuses. They bloomed the past couple years -- I don't know what happened.

Honore´ Francois

I'm delighted Spring is finally making its way to you! Enjoy every bloomin' moment!

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