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Even More Poetry

Wasn't it wonderful yesterday -- filling your pockets with poetry?  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

During April (National Poetry Month), it is my intention. . . to share some of my favorite poems and poets with you.  Poems and poets that you may not be familiar with yet.  Poems that are accessible, insightful, and even FUN.  Poems I think you'll like.

Like this one . . . 


Pulling Up Beside My Husband at the Stoplight
by Marjorie Saiser

We are going to the same place
but we take two cars.
Sunday morning and there’s not much traffic,
so I pull up beside him at the stoplight.

There he is, in his car,
beside my car,
the profile of his face in the window,
the brown of his hair against his neck.  He turns
and blows me a kiss.
I watch it float on by. . . . I ask for another.

I remember then how he wakes me on the workday mornings,
his boots across the carpet of the dark bedroom,
the scent of his face when he locates me in the covers,
kisses my eyebrow and the corner of my mouth,
tells me the weather report
and the precise time of day.

So. . . I roll down my window, whistle in my throat,
pull my glasses crooked on my face,
do my best baboon snorting,
pound the horn as if it were bread dough.
There is only the lady in the white Buick,
but he is embarrassed, glad to see the green.

Me--I’m stepping on the gas, catching up,
wondering what I can do at 56th and Calvert.


Marjorie Saiser is one of my favorite poets -- and another voice from Nebraska.  (I think there's just something about the Great Plains - the heartland - that inspires hauntingly beautiful poetry.)  I first discovered Marjorie Saiser's poetry when I picked up her award-winning "novel-in-poem" Losing the Ring in the River.  Since then, I have greatly expanded my list of Marjorie Saiser favorites!  I love the poem I'm featuring here today - Pulling Up Beside My Husband at the Stoplight - because (in the words of the poet herself, in the introduction to the poem on her website) "poems, like life, should be sometimes nothing but fun, don’t you think?" Ms. Saiser has won numerous awards and critical recognition for her poetry, including an Academy of American Poets Prize, the Vreelands Award, the Nebraska Literary Heritage Award and several Nebraska Book Awards. She was named 2009 Distinguished Artist in Poetry by the Nebraska Arts Council. Ted Kooser (featured in my post earlier this month) has said that "no contemporary poet is better at writing about love" than Saiser.  Check out more of Marjorie Saiser's poetry here.


The poem Pulling Up Beside My Husband at the Stoplight is from Beside You at the Stoplight, published by The Backwaters Press Press in 2010.  Poem copyright Marjorie Saiser, and printed in this blog post with the author's permission.


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