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. . . is a bit of sunshine and a couple of warmer days to get things popping in my garden!  

A couple of years ago, I planted a big bag of "mixed daffodils," not really sure what I'd end up with when spring came around.  Now, I love the variety -- and I also love that they bloom in waves.  (Some are early-bloomers, some are late-bloomers.)  Here are three different types that are blooming in my garden today:


I just love them!  And I love their glorious steadfastness, too -- standing straight and tall through heavy rains and roller-coaster temperatures.  (Those spring bulbs are tough!)

What's blooming in your garden today?



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Beautiful Kym! All my chives are about to burst open - a bounty for the eye and the palate as I love to add them to salads! AND, my lilac had so many blooms this year!


We've got some daffodils and the lilies are jumping out of the ground like crazy right now!


I love the double ruffled one and the gradient of the trumpet on the second one. Seeing these blossoms makes the drudgery of actually planting the bulbs so worthwhile!


It must be nice to have the blooms staggered so you can keep seeing new daffodils for a while! Ours have mostly dried up by now, but we have a couple of tulips and our bleeding heart has pretty much exploded. The flowers on our dogwood have opened, too. I'm just waiting for the lilac bushes and hydrangeas to start to flower now!


Cheryl and I walked around Red Butte last week and the variety of daffodils was mind-boggling (so fun!). How wonderful to have a big mix of yellow blossoms in your own back yard!


Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. They are such a workhorse and they multiply beautifully and they are YELLOW. So much love for daffodils!

Jeannie Gray

I just love daffodils! So pretty! We are currently experiencing a wave of crimson clover in an area of the yard that's impossible to mow. Because it requires the weed-wacker, it doesn't get cut often... and we're suddenly blessed with beautiful red flowers.


Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. Not much is blooming or growing here due to what seems like endless rain!


Sadly, our daffodils are finished blooming for the season. But they are definitely a favorite flower of mine. Right now, the viburnum bush is looking ready to pop.


So pretty!! I have snowdrops, bloodroot and pachysandra blooming, the dogtooth violets/trout lilies will soon be blooming, too!


There’s nothing like spring flowers to herald sunshine and balmy days!


Those are just so lovely Kym. Glad you are finally getting blooms!!


Love your daffodils! I have one yellow johnny-jump-up that is bravely blooming. Tulips, memorial day peony and alliums are coming up but nothing close to blooming yet.


Beautiful daffs!

In my garden the Lily of the Valley are getting started. The dogwood has bloomed (pink) and the viburnum flowers are white. The daffs are waning, but still have a few in bloom. The peonies are up and have buds.

Still nothing from the weeping cherry or what I think is another dogwood in the back of the yard.

Wish me luck on those.


Daffodils are my favs! I’ve got some lovely tulips but those sunny daffodils spell Spring to me. Are yours from White Flower farm?


What fun! Variety IS the spice of life. You were rewarded for your chance-taking!


So lovely, Kym! especially that middle one with the pink-y/orange frill. It feels like I'm getting an extra month of Spring seeing it arrive in your part of the world :-)


Beautiful daffodils. I don't have any right now, but after seeing your flowers, I'm going to be looking for a bag of mixed varieties for myself for next year.

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