Birthday Butterflies
New Month . . .

The Truth of It

There was probably a time in my life . . . before I had cancer, surely . . . when I might've been upset at the thought of turning 60.  Or, at least, felt melancholy and pensive about it.

But now?


IMG_2391 2

Tomorrow, when I wake up to my first day as a 60-year-old, I don't anticipate feeling any different or looking any different or acting any different than I do today -- my last day as a 59-year-old.

I plan to fling my arms wide to embrace the day . . . and enjoy every moment that comes my way.

Because living to celebrate another birthday is a gift.
And I am so happy to be here.

"I decided if you're lucky enough to be alive, you should use each birthday to celebrate what your life is about."
                    ---Mary Steenburgen



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Woooooo hooooooooooo! Here's to a fantastic birthday weekend Kym! BRING! IT! ON! xoxo


YES! Happy birthday, Kym, from a fellow 60-year-old -- come on in, the water's fine!

PS I see Sigrid Nunez's The Friend on your sidebar. Read last week. What a gorgeous, moving, funny, heartbreaking book.


Happy, Happy (almost) 60th Birthday, Kym! I feel like I'm just beginning to discover some of the best things (in myself and the world) in my 60s and am no longer upset about the numbers. I am so happy that you are here also!


Exactly!! Welcome to my world. It only gets better. Celebrate well and enjoy the weekend. Happy Birthday!


EXACTLY!!! Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a perfect day of celebration!

Kat! Here is to a weekend of celebrating that ushers in a year of more celebrations!

Happy Birthday to you my dear friend! XOXO

Cheryl S.

Happy Birthday! And many more!


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday! The 60’s are great! Just keep moving, look for new adventures, and the tough times come, count your blessings.


Love the Mary Steenburgen quote! As a fellow cancer survivor I appreciate the appreciation. You are a lovely 60–enjoy every moment of your day.


I saw my new hero Glenn Close in a TV show tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber last year and will never forget her words to him about being 70: "I feel like life is just beginning!"

Welcome to 60, Kym!! The water's fine...


Happy, happy 60, Kym! The 60s are a great age...I turn 70 on Monday 4/1 so I speak from experience.


I'm so happy you are here, too! You have the absolute best perfect attitude about birthdays! Happy, happy birthday to you, my friend!


Happy Birthday - almost 60 looks wonderful on you !!!
Celebrate and have fun!!


Happy Birthday, Kym!

Karen morrison

Happy birthday from across the lake! I hope you have a great day! The 60s have been liberating for me. Enjoy.😉


Enjoy this next wonderful year. Happy birthday 🎂


So Happy Birthday, Kym! The 60's are a delightful decade. Still energetic and youthful with lots of fun and fashion to look forward to. Most people can retire in their 60s giving more time for hobbies and travel and other interests. it's that wonderful time that you can do what you want. I know you will grab hold of and make the most of it!


That's exactly right! What else could you possibly want? Happy Birthday, Kym!! Who you were before, when you thought 60 was "old" is not the amazing woman you are today. The possibilities of who you can be are so endless. We are very lucky to have the honor to be, to have, to become, who or what we wan to be.


Happy birthday! I love your attitude and I hope 60 is a wonderful year for you!


Happy birthday and welcome to the 60’s 😉


Happiest of Birthdays, Kym - you are gonna make 60 the new 40 (30?) for sure!!


Absolutely!!! Happy Birthday. You are going to rock 60.


Well, this is a bit late bit I am sure you are still celebrating - Happy belated Birth Day and happy birth week!
P.S. (Every passing decade I try to define it and it’s sorta impossible, because as one ages; the feelings, the issues, the outside world, the family, the darn body, yadayada, all of it changes along with you . . . and then you change your mind on how that decade has gone. And then another few years goes by - and you decide “well, the 30’s and 40’s were better than I thought and the 50’s were definitely weird and so far these 60’s are okay but . . . . . “)
May your favorite year be today, not deafeningly in years, perhaps just days.
Happy Today to you!


Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day!

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