Instead Of . . .
Sometimes Mondays


Here is my very-early-Spring-in-Michigan version of #blueskyblooms. . . 


Yep.  It's a taken-from-the-inside shot of an amaryllis -- but blooming against a blue sky outside the window!  That's about as good as it gets here in Michigan in late March.   But I'll take it.  Blue sky and sunshine FTW!  (Even though the wind is blowing cold and the temperature is only 35 F right now.) 

It's Friday; let's TGIF!

T - Thinking about . . . pulling the details together for a couple of trips in the next few months.  

G - Grateful for . . . no more snow piles in my yard!

I - Ignoring . . . that "soft" deadline I set for my taxes.  (Sunday.  Yeah.  Just not gonna happen.)

F - Feeling . . . super ambivalent about March Madness, but will probably watch a few games with Tom anyway.  (But how about those pink shoes on the University of Michigan team?  Fun, huh?)  (Here's the story behind the shoes.)

Happy Friday to all of you!
See you on Monday.


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