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kim in oregon

So cute! Good job. And the photo is wonderful.

Kim in Oregon

I really liked 'The Dakota Winters" by the way, and agree completely with your assessment that it shouldn't 'work'. I also didn't know John Lennon really did that sailing trip.


Well now that's cute! Baby things are so rewarding - finished before you even get underway ...


Darling! Love it and love the color of yarn you chose. What a sweet gift Kym!

Cheryl S

That's adorable!

Jeannie Gray

Perfect timing for an adorable sweater!


That sweater is adorable and what perfect timing! It's sure to be loved!


That's a lovely baby sweater...the color is great for any baby, any gender! Thanks for something to add to my queue.

The yarns in the stash giveaway are fabulous and I would appreciate either, but I have a preference for the blue tones. The blue skein has a great name...what a conversation starter!


That sweater is just too darn cute!


That's adorable! A baby sweater is next on my to-knit list.


How sweet! They grow so fast so I'm glad the baby will have a chance to wear...


That is just adorable!! And, talk about perfect timing!


Perfect timing. Beautiful sweater. Adorable silver rattle.


oh my - that's just the sweetest gift! what a lucky little one to be born into a hand knitted hug!


The sweater is so charming and the little rattle with it is just the kicker. Anyone who gets this sweet gift is going to really love it!


That is a darling little sweater. How fun that you finished as the babe was arriving into this world.

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