Say It . . . On Friday


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Well, I just spent 30 minutes down that rabbit hole. Thank you!


I've read two but I know I've had Milkman in the back of my mind so heck...let's move it to the front! :-) Have a great day Kym!

kim in oregon

Thanks for the link! I've only read one and I can't believe that! I've added Ghost Wall, the Pisces, and Ordinary People to my queue for now! Thanks for the link.


One, but I am on a wait list for a few others - and that wait list grew a bit this morning! Thank you!!


Ha! I've read none, but I'm thinking this is the list I need to draw me out of my reading slump. Thanks Kym!


None here. But my grew!


I've been waiting for Normal People for what seems like forever, and Remembered sounds intriguing. Thanks for all the books!


Two! and a few more on my TBR with Overdrive. I'm beyond delighted to see Circe on the list and can only hope it wins!


I haven't read any yet but I've got at least one in my queue, I've been waiting a long time for The Milkman. I'll be adding to my TBR list today!

Caffeine Girl

I've read American Marriage, and I just started The Pisces.
I didn't even know about this list. Thanks for mentioning it!

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