Your Life is Your Life

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look pretty mundane; all too ordinary.

Same old stuff on the calendar.
Same old items on the to-do list.
(Especially when you procrastinated doing them last week.)  
(Just sayin.)
Same old same old.


But maybe . . . not really so mundane; not necessarily ordinary.

My challenge?  To seek the patches of blue in the puddles of my day!

(Happy Monday.)




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I'm been feeling that mundane thing too. Time to shake things up!


Our weather this weekend (great) has taken me out of feeling like I was in a rut. The blue patches are there and I know you will find them!


Hope you discover lots of lovely blue patches today!


I'll take mundane over some of the alternatives! Here's to blue patches all the way!


Hopefully the blue sky will keep the blues away! Spring will lead us in a new and bright direction - I'm certain!


Sometimes there is comfort in the mundane... and joy in blue patches in rain puddles!


I'll take mundane if the alternative is insane!

kim in oregon

Keep us posted on the blue patches! What a great way to start the week. Once again, I learn something wonderful from you!>


Cool photo!!!


A patch of blue sky fallen to earth! A reminder that the joy of spring is right in front of us.


Very cool shot! and a much-needed message. (also I did get my taxes turned in today ;-) did you?)

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