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Tuesdays Are For Wellness

Sometimes Mondays

. . . provide evidence that time really does fly!

Winter really does seem to drag, y'know?  So even though I really know that time is passing, it sort of feels like it's not.  But when you set out to do something once a month on a certain day (say . . . the 3rd Monday of every month), well.  It seems like time really IS passing.

Which is all a prelude to say that . . . it's time for another of my Stash Giveaways!  This month, I've got a couple of lovely and very fun skeins of sock yarn.


I picked up both of these skeins at the Michigan Fiber Festival a couple of years ago.  The dyer is from Grand Rapids, but doesn't seem to be actively selling through her Etsy shop anymore.  

The bright pink skein . . . 


is called "Party On, Wayne" and features various shades of pink, grey, and some lavender.  The fiber content is 70% merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon.  Yardage is approximately 400 yards, fingering weight.  (The color is fairly close to actual in the photo, although the grays pop a bit more in real life.)

The bright blue skein . . . 


is called "Rock Out With Your (Pea)Cock Out" and features very peacock-like colors -- shades of teal-y blue and green, shades of lavender to purple, and a touch of gray.  There are also black "nepps" throughout.  The fiber content is 85% merino and 15% Donegal nepp.  Yardage is approximately 400 yards, fingering weight.  (I'd say the color in the photo is pretty much accurate.)


Let me know in the comments - by Friday - if you'd find joy in either (or both!) of these skeins.  I'll choose a winner for each skein on Friday (through a highly scientific, random draw-a-name-from-a-hat process), and will contact the new joyful owner(s) for their addresses by email.

Thanks for letting me share the joy!

(Tell your friends.)