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Sometimes Mondays

. . . provide evidence that time really does fly!

Winter really does seem to drag, y'know?  So even though I really know that time is passing, it sort of feels like it's not.  But when you set out to do something once a month on a certain day (say . . . the 3rd Monday of every month), well.  It seems like time really IS passing.

Which is all a prelude to say that . . . it's time for another of my Stash Giveaways!  This month, I've got a couple of lovely and very fun skeins of sock yarn.


I picked up both of these skeins at the Michigan Fiber Festival a couple of years ago.  The dyer is from Grand Rapids, but doesn't seem to be actively selling through her Etsy shop anymore.  

The bright pink skein . . . 


is called "Party On, Wayne" and features various shades of pink, grey, and some lavender.  The fiber content is 70% merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon.  Yardage is approximately 400 yards, fingering weight.  (The color is fairly close to actual in the photo, although the grays pop a bit more in real life.)

The bright blue skein . . . 


is called "Rock Out With Your (Pea)Cock Out" and features very peacock-like colors -- shades of teal-y blue and green, shades of lavender to purple, and a touch of gray.  There are also black "nepps" throughout.  The fiber content is 85% merino and 15% Donegal nepp.  Yardage is approximately 400 yards, fingering weight.  (I'd say the color in the photo is pretty much accurate.)


Let me know in the comments - by Friday - if you'd find joy in either (or both!) of these skeins.  I'll choose a winner for each skein on Friday (through a highly scientific, random draw-a-name-from-a-hat process), and will contact the new joyful owner(s) for their addresses by email.

Thanks for letting me share the joy!

(Tell your friends.)


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Those are some lovely skeins of yarn. I’ll throw my name into the hat. Happy Monday!


Those skeins are gorgeous (and very fun names too). I'm happy to have my name thrown into your hat for either skein. Thanks Kym!


Happy Monday to you! I am cheering on all those who put their name in the hat - my sock yarn stash is at impossible numbers!

Here is to some very spring-like weather heading your way soon!


I'd gladly take either skein off your hands so please enter my name! Hooray for being past the mid point of March!


Please throw my name in the hat, I'd like either one of those lovely skeins!


I'd like to make a pair of warm socks from the pink skein for my sister who lives in windy, wet Scotland.


I'd be delighted with either skein. Please toss my name in the hat and have a great week.


I would love to have either one of those beauties!! Of course having just come out of a terrible winter (world wide I think), new sock yarn is always welcome!!!


Good luck to those who threw their names in the hat.

The yarns are lovely.


Greetings from across the lake!
What lovely yarn, especially the pink. Makes me think of spring!


I'm envisioning "Rock Out With Your (Pea)Cock Out" in my knitting future. My fingers are crossed. Thank you Kym.


This would be a good thing for me to do!


Happy spring. Yes please add my name to the list. Lovely yarn and beautiful colors.

Sybil Harris

Both skeins are so pretty I like both of them. If I win would you choose the one you would like to send? You are really sweet to share.


I’d be thrilled with either of these skeins. I’m primarily a sock knitter so this would be perfect.


Add my name to the hat, please. Been enjoying your blog for years ... would be honored to knit socks from either yarn in your stash!


I just saw Juliann's reminder that next week is time for another OLW check-in ... time is passing! and love that those skeins are sparking joy for so many people :-) (it's the colorway names that spark joy ... really laughing out loud! ... for me)

Lynn Hoffman

I love Fiber Addiction's yarn and would love to own either of those skeins!

Nancy Robinson

Good morning! I’d love to knit up Rock Out! Thanks for your generous offer. Take care now, Nancy

Susan Lemire

I would LOVE to have that "Rock Out with Your Pea(cock) Out" in my knitting future. Thanks for sharing!


Nice idea, that's one way to decrease the stash.


My teenage granddaughters would love either skein. They are so knit-worthy and ask for socks for birthdays, Christmas, and any other occasion they can think of.


These are both gorgeous! I honestly can't decide which one I like more!

kim in oregon

I really don't know how I missed this one but here I am, tossing the digital hat in the ring.

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