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Last month, I wrote about finding the sweet spot in my knitting.  That place . . . where knitting meets intention.  My attempt at trying to make things that I (or someone I love) will wear.  
And keep.  
And love.

And I'm here to report that I did it.  
(In the words of Alanis Morissette, sometimes . . . you learn.)


A perfect little layering piece.  It's exactly my style.  In exactly my colors.  And since finishing it last week, I've already worn it 5 times. (In fact, I'm already plotting making another one.) (It's that perfect.)

Definitely in my sweet spot!


(All the Ravelry details here.)



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Oh my! I LOVE IT!! It is perfect! And, that pocket!!


LOVE!!! That looks so good on you Kym. What a super addition to your wardrobe.


Love.The.Pocket! Makes the sweater. (along with your perfect knitting...)


This is beautiful and that sweater is on my list too. Love the contrast hem.


This is indeed perfect for you! So perfect that even though I don't knit sweaters, I am seriously contemplating making this one as it might even be perfect for me! I can't wait to see your next one.


You did it! It's perfection and totally YOU!!


Love, love, love, love, love. It's perfect Kym and you are rocking it! (And Jagged Little Pill...the best.)

Cheryl S.

Very cute! Both you and the top. Love the contrast pocket.

kim in oregon

So lovely. Especially the color. And I bow down to your pocket.


Very nice! It looks great on you & I hope you enjoy wearing it!


Love it!! What's your colorway for 2.0?


Oh it looks perfect on you! I'm so glad you are happy with the finished item, and hope you get lots more good wear out of it. :-)


Awesome, Kym! it does fit you perfectly, too :-) look forward to seeing your next version - perhaps in a summery blend? lots of possibilities here (kind of like me and Heidi Kirrmaier's Fine Sand ... I'm getting ready to make #5).


Great sweater! And great for you :-) If you are looking for another layering piece, check out Tappan Zee on Knitty.


SO CUTE!!! And, it looks beautiful on you.


That is SO you and I love the way it looks layered like that!


The sweater is perfect on you! Looks like there is some nice snow melt going on as well. Spring!


It’s definitely you!


So glad! It's a wonderful piece. Congratulations!

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