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My Wabi Sabi Bunny

Are you familiar with the concept of wabi sabi?

The Wikipedia definition of wabi sabi is this:  In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".

There's a lot more to it than that simple explanation, but that will suffice for an introduction. (I've been studying wabi sabi this year -- it's something I'll be writing about more in the future, I'm sure.)


I'm embracing the wabi sabi with my first little bunny.


He's adorable.  But flawed.  In a delightfully wabi sabi way.

I am using scrap yarn to knit him, and I ran out of the main bunny color after knitting the first hand.  So one of his hands and both of his feet don't match his body or head.  (You can't tell so much in the photo, but in real life it's quite obvious.)  One of his ears is bigger than the other.  (I miscounted somewhere along the way.)  His head is crooked.  (Picking up stitches for the body is trickier than it looks.)  And he has a loose stitch at the tip of his nose.

But I'm embracing the wabi sabi here.  (And I know the recipient will, too.)
I think it adds to his charm!

How about you?  What are you making this week?


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Sue Matson

Thank you for your email answering my question about the yarn! I went to my local yarn store and bought similar yarn to the one they call for in the pattern. This guy is adorable. :)
Does he stand up by himself with just the fiber filling?

Thanks so much !
Sue Matson


Oh, I love that - a new word and for such a comforting thought that no one has to be just right, especially crafty knitters. My mother always said, “that hardly noticeable, little mistake is your signature.”
Your quirky little bunny is so huggable. (Makes me want to knit one!)
My projects are slowly coming along, a vacation in the middle was helpful for one - the wrist warmers in a luxurious cashmere was a great take-along knit project. And the Sólbein cardigan is comforting to knit as slow as I want, to get it down right but with any “little mistake” that has happened in passing/creating.


I am yelling here...I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! :-) Here's to the Wabi Sabi in life. Seems we could all learn a bit from that!


What an adorable creature! Love him/her - so darn cute. And Wabi Sabi? EXCELLENT!! Looking forward to hearing more from you on this.


I love his's about as close to perfection as I'd want to get.


He is Wabi-Sabi-Wonderful! I love his multi-colored paws (and his multi-colored sweater!!)

Jeannie Gray

LOVE your wabi sabi wabbit. :) He's got so much personality!


Your wabbit is uber cute and I bet the recipient will love it!

kim in oregon

Annnndddddd once again I learn something amazing from you! I love the concept of wabi-sabi--in fact, it probably describes most of my crafting! I may have to even rename my blog


I can wait to get back to my stash to knit up some Wabi Sabi rabbits. Your little fellow has a charm all his own. After all we are all a little wabi sabi, aren’t we? I know my knitting is! I’ve refined to art of trying to hide my little mistakes.


You wouldn't happen to be sending Wabi-Sabi Bunny to me, would you? He is wonderful! Now I have a clear understanding of wabi sabi and how it's different from wasabi. Thanks! :-)


He's adorable, wabi-sabi-ness makes him more so! I've got Sean's leftovers from the kit so I will be making one of these very soon.


His "imperfections" make him more real, I think. So therefore, perfect ;-) He is adorable!


He is PERFECTLY imperfect just as a bunny should be.

I can totally embrace a Wabi Sabi lifestyle!


I love him! Just like the worn Velveteen Rabbit he has a story already! I've got 2 Tempestry kits yesterday for the National Parks Tempestry Project and I picked a Northern Maine Park called Katahdin that my son has spent lots of time in during college. So I'll be working on that this year and then it'll be up for show for the Park in Maine.


I think he's adorable! Personally, I think anything handmade should be imperfect -- we're only human, after all. While I certainly strive to make everything the best I can, I know that I'm incapable of being completely perfect. Toys like your bunny especially should have a little character. It just makes them cuter!


I've been a wabi-sabi practitioner my whole life. So glad I'm part of a philosophy. Like Jeannie Gray said your bunny has so much personality! Which is what makes him so loveable. Are you giving him to someone worthy or keeping him for yourself?


P.S. This post and this bunny made my day.


I have a book about the concept of wabi-sabi and Japanese furnishings (and other things) that was written by a local purveyor of Asian art and furniture. It's one of my prized books and I love this concept! Your bunny is about THE cutest thing ever! IMO, he is much more charming than a perfectly crafted bunny.


What Margene said ... well, that last sentence anyway - I totally think your little guy's appeal is his wabi-sabi-ness! (because the thought of all those tiny stitches on dpn's kind of makes me twitch ;-)


I love that little wabi-sabi bunny. Some little person will love him too. And I continue to remind myself that perfection is over rated. Nothing handmade is ever perfect. and so on . . .

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