Sweet Knitting

Instead Of . . .

It happens every. single. year.

Tax time approaches.  I am a CPA (or. . . I was when I worked).  Our taxes are not very complicated.  And yet . . .


I put off doing them.  
But I WILL do them.  
I ALWAYS do them.  
(I've given myself a "soft" deadline of - gulp - this Sunday.)
(Like I said. . . "soft.")

Yes, people.  We have some major procrastination here!

What am I doing . . . instead of doing our taxes?  Well.  Pretty much anything.  But mostly:


Procrasti-painting.  (But my new cow is much better than eye-patch-cow, non?)


Procrasti-cleaning.  (My kitchen needs a good scrub-down after Tom's beer making yesterday!)


Procrasti-knitting.  (Pleaseohpleasehelpme . . . I've got another binge going.)

How about you?  Are you a procrastinator?   If so, how do your procrasti-activities manifest themselves?  
(And please don't rub it in that you-filed-in-January-and-already-spent-your-refund.)


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I've got to pull our stuff together and get it to my tax guy. I meant to do it last weekend and didn't. Clearly I need to put this on my to-do list in order to get it done. That bunny is adorable! Sean just knit one last week and I think I might have to make one for Jackie!


Is that an Easter Bunny you're knitting? So cute. Binge on!!

We do have a CPA do our taxes - a hold over from when Fletch had his own business (no way was I going to try to do them then). I know it's easier now (and ours are very straight forward), but I just feel more comfortable having someone else do them for us.


Forgot to say I really do like your cow...but I also really liked the pirate cow - it is just too funny!!


That bunny is adorable! I can always find a way to procrastinate!


If it's not procrasti-knitting, or procrasti-blog reading, it's procrasti-xwording... (Working my way through the NYT's xword archive.) Every single time. :-D

And, I think the new cow is serenely beautiful, though I had a little crush on the pirate one... :-)


I am procrasti-computer surfing. I should be getting up and doing something. But, I'm not. It's rainy and grey and I don't wanna!


The bunny! Oh my!! I am ignoring taxes here too - so you might be in good company!

And, procrasti-cleaning - that is so a thing! LOL


Procrasti-blogreading here. If it is any comfort, this CPA hasn't started her taxes yet either. Gotta get on that...


I'd like to procrastinate on my taxes, but my husband is always anxious to get them done. This year he wanted to get them done before I got all my documents in the mail! That bunny does look like an awfully cute way to procrastinate/knit though!


Oh dear, I am definitely in the procrastinator group.


Distractions like knitting and spinning or reading can lure me I into procrastinating on household tasks. I am pretty good about hard deadlines though. Love the bunny!


Oh and the cow!! My word is that so sweet!


I love all your procrastithings! My deadline is Monday morning because I've promised my mom I'll drop her stuff off with our CPA on my way to knitting that afternoon ... and I certainly don't need to make TWO trips, right?! (so I guess I could look at this WHOLE week as procrastistuff ;-)


The cow is about as beautiful as I've ever seen a cow! Cows (photos or paintings) have been grabbing my attention lately (what is it?) and your sweet girl is just charming! Smith is super envious of Tom's contraption (he knew what it was, but now I can't remember). You remind me Smith asked me to mail our taxes today. Oops, better get on that! Bunnies! :)

Kim in Oregon

I hurried up and submitted them when the season started b/c I was afraid of a govt shut down. I would have rather been procrasti-painting!


I never get taxes done before 1 April! So, I guess it's a form of procrastinating...I also have a long list of things that I put off doing - that way I'm assured that I'll always have something to do besides twiddle my thumbs ;-))!
The new cow's lookin' good...but the other did too! Glad you're pleased with the new one.


Still haven't started mine. I hope you are doing better than I! (But at least I cleared away the two big piles of mail that were blocking my desk!)

Sue Matson

Hi Kym,
Can you tell me what yarn you are using for this spring bunny. I went onto the website of Barrett Wool and they don't have any of the colors that I would want.

Sue Matson

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