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Birthday Butterflies

As part of my birthday-week celebration (60 on Saturday!!!), Tom took me to the Butterflies are Blooming exhibit at the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids the other day.  

The exhibit is the largest temporary, tropical butterfly exhibit in the country -- and it comes every spring to Meijer Gardens.  Watching these exotic butterflies flutter all around you . . . in a truly beautiful tropical conservatory . . . is just magical!

But first, there was a Monarch butterfly exhibit.  As you know, I'm a huge fan of the Monarch, so I loved finding all the caterpillars munching away on various milkweed plants, and seeing the caterpillars actively forming their chrysalis.  This one was close to emerging.  (You can see the distinct Monarch colors/pattern through the chyrsalis.)


Here are three cool things about the tropical butterfly exhibit:

1 - Feeding stations.


The butterflies were just flocking around various feeding stations set up throughout the exhibit.  The butterflies in this photo are Postman and Pink Cattleheart, all from Central and South America.  (We were there in the morning, and these are all "morning" butterflies -- they like the bright morning sunlight.)

2 -- Beautiful butterflies we don't see locally.


This blue butterfly is the Common Morpho (also from Central and South America), and I'll tell you . . . it didn't seem "common" at all!  It's big -- much bigger than a Monarch; kind of . . . bat sized.  It was just amazing to see them floating around.  The blue was much more brilliant and iridescent that my photo shows.

3 -- Hatching station.


The exhibit featured a hatching station where we could see all the types of chrysalis for the butterflies included in the exhibit.  It was fascinating to watch the butterflies in various stages of "hatching."  I loved watching them emerge.  

It was a fabulous way to spend a morning!


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Jeannie Gray

Sounds like an excellent way to spend your birthday. Glad it was a happy one!


Oh Wow! That must have been so cool, so beautiful. I've been to exhibits in several places that included butterflies, but I don't think so many. That blue is amazing.

Happy Birthday! Welcome to my decade - lol.


So very cool! I'm fascinated by the hatching do they get there? Do they know instinctively or are they moved there? This makes me want to set up a butterfly feeding station too! Two. More. Days!!!! xo


Oh my, I would love to take my sister to see that. I love butterflies but she is absolutely smitten.


Some of the best memories were taking the kids to see the butterflies there! Thank you for sharing such amazing photos!


How rude of me. Enjoy the new decade and have a glorious birthday!


The butterflies are beautiful! I've got to admit that the chrysalis stage gives me the heebie jeebies but other than that I would have loved to have been there with you. What a great way to celebrate your upcoming birthday!


Wow, those are seriously gorgeous! I really love that blue one (though I do not so much like the idea of a bat-sized thing flying around me). Happy early birthday to you!


Sounds like a wonderful adventure for your birthday. So Spring-like! Hope Saturday is wonderful, too.


Those butterflies are so beautiful...what a lovely birthday treat! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful birthday!


WOW! and wow! I LOVE that chrysalis photo - I had no idea they were so transparent! and happy early birthday ... I'm glad you're making more than a day of it :-)!


I've see photos of Common Morphos before, but had no idea they were so large or such an intense blue! What a fine birthday gift from Tom for a lovely person. Happy Birthday and welcome to (almost) 60.


Fabulous indeed. What a wonderful way to spend some birthday time. Happy almost Birthday.


Oh my! That chrysalis is a fantastic gift, but the blue butterfly! I'm all a twitter! It's SO BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful thing to experience for your 60th birthday!


Just catching up on the interwebs after being away for a few days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your perspective...and can't wait to read about all those awesome things on your 120 years list! You always inspire, Kym! Happy celebrating--every day.

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