About That . . .

And We're Back . . .

"The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause."
                                    ---Mark Twain


Beginning the week . . . 


(but not entirely thrilled with the time change).  

How about you?


The stained glass windows in my bathroom are glorious when the sun shines!  That's rare in the wintertime, but oh-so-fabulous when it happens.


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John was in Rio de Janeiro on business and had a room where the bathroom had such a stunning view that he had to invite his traveling companions to come see for themselves. He also came back with multiple photos to show off, but I really like your glorious bathroom view!


I love those stained glass windows. And I'm glad you're rested and ready! (Reminds me of The Avett Brothers song February Seven.)


Wow. That's amazing! Welcome back!!


Welcome back!! I love that sunshine stained glass artwork on your wall!


Glad you're back!! I love all the color your window (and the sun) creates and I LOVE the time change. :)


I'm struggling with the time change.
I love the light and color from your stained glass window, it's really beautiful!


Welcome back! The colors are beautiful and bring hope of warm sun to come! I made it out of bed to the gym this morning so I guess I've conquered the time change! :-)


Glad to have you back! Brilliant light and colors!


Love the play of light from your window! Hope you had a wonderful week. Welcome back!


The time change is just plain annoying—just leave the clock alone! How’s that for a crabby old lady (me not you).

kim in oregon

We slept through the alarm this morning, but only by about half an hour.


oh boy, that window is fabulous with the sunshine. ... in other news, I've had my best transition to DST ever (so far). I think it helped that I mentally forwarded my clock mid-afternoon on Saturday so I lost the hour well before dinner, and bedtime. and by Sunday morning, I was ready. having a sunset at nearly 8pm yesterday probably sealed the deal. I'm a convert. and a fan!

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