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You've Got Mail!

I've always loved receiving mail.

Real mail.

Hand written.  Cards, stationery, or legal pad.  Tucked in an envelope.  (Or not!)  And with lovely stamps.

I always love it when February rolls around, with Month of Letters fun to motivate me to sit down and write a note or a card every day.  But I've discovered another fun way to keep me writing year round:  Postcrossing.  You can read all about Postcrossing by clicking the link -- but, basically, it's all about writing and receiving postcards from all around the world.

I've been signed up for Postcrossing for a couple of years now, but I wan't very active at first.  It was just after the 2016 election, and I just didn't have the heart to send postcards to people all around the world.  (I mean . . . what was I going to say . . .  "I'm so sorry?")  But about a year ago, I decided to go All In and send happy, kind postcards to show people in other countries that Americans are nice and kind and eager to learn about the world.

Now, as of today, I've received 279 postcards from . . . everywhere.  (And I've sent slightly more than that number.)  What does that even look like?  Well. . . 


Like a big basketful!

I love going to my mailbox every day.  I get postcards several times a week now.  Even my friendly postal delivery person gets excited about my postcards.  One day, she asked me all about it when when we met up at my mailbox -- and now she's signed up herself.

The cards themselves are a treat, as there is so much variety.  But the real prize for me turns out to be the stamps (and I've never been interested in stamp collecting).  They are mini works of art!  Here are a couple I received on postcards this week . . . 

From China:


From Latvia:


If you like sending and receiving mail -- or if you'd like to serve as an unofficial-mini-ambassador of the United States out there in the greater world -- consider signing up for Postcrossing this month.  
It's fun.  
It's easy.
It doesn't take much time.  

And you get really cool stuff in your mailbox!