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Three to Go

I'm in the midst of one of those very full weeks.  (Actually, I'm now on the downhill side of the very full week.  So yay.)  Running around too much to blog.  Mind too preoccupied for creative thought.  Just . . . one of those weeks.


How about an Oscars update?  


If you look closely down at the lower right corner, you can see my "still to see" list.  Three to go!  (See how I did that there?  With the three?  For Thursdays?)

What's left?

1 - At Eternity's Gate (Willem Dafoe is up for Best Actor in this one).  We'll be checking this off our list tonight, though, as it's here in town and we've already made reservations.

2 - Can You Ever Forgive Me (Melissa McCarthy is up for Best Actress and Richard E. Grant for Best Supporting Actor).  I've been waiting and waiting to see this one -- but it just hasn't come to town yet.  It just came out on DVD, so maybe I'll have to break down and purchase it if it doesn't show up in the theater here before February 24.

3 - Cold War (Pawel Pawlikowski is up for Best Director for this movie).  This one might be the real bug-a-boo for us this year.  Our local theater showed the previews for Cold War months and months ago, but either it hasn't been here yet -- or it wasn't on my radar when it showed up.  Either way . . . there is no sign of it locally.  And it's not yet available on DVD.  (Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?)

We have seen all the movies up for Best Picture -- and, really, neither Tom nor I have a real favorite this year.  They're all good -- and very different.  (Forced to choose, I would probably pick The Favourite or BlacKkKlansman.)  (My real favorite?  Glenn Close in The Wife.  If you have a chance to watch it, do!  It's an excellent movie -- and she is fabulous.)

How about you?  Any favorites this year?


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You have done an excellent complelation of “to see” movies. Now I’d better get busy!


Nice job. I loved The Favourite. Reminded me so much of Phantom Thread. I want to see The Wife.


This year we've only seen Roma and that's because we could watch it with the dog! LOL


We will (finally!) be seeing The Favourite this weekend. And we watched Black Panther last night at home. All that's left for BP is Roma but I'm hoping to see a few of the movies in other categories, too.


I watched Black Panther yesterday as well - and enjoyed it! I really loved Roma - it is different and so thought provoking.


I don't have any favorites (I'm so not a movie person, until they're on Netflix), but I am enjoying your efforts in watching and compiling for those of us who are clueless!


The DVD of the Wife just arrived today from Netflix - now I want to see it even more.


We are planning to see The Wife this weekend, and I have seen (and loved) The Favorite. I have some others I want to see, but probably won't make it before the awards are given. But that's OK too. :-)


Glenn Close is AMAZING!!!


I'm looking forward to The Wife and The Favourite. I LOVE Olivia Colman and can't wait to see her play Queen Elizabeth when the next season of The Crown drops!


We saw Bohemian Rhapsody as soon as it hit the local theater, and we plan to see The Favorite sometime this week. I didn't know it was up for best picture -- I just thought it sounded interesting, and Smokey like historical dramas. I started to watch Roma on Netflix a couple weeks ago, but it had subtitles = not a good knitting movie. (But knowing that enabled me to get a trivia answer right in Friday night's trivia contest!) Black Panther is on Netflix, too, so I will watch that later today. That will probably be the extent of my Oscar movie watching; the local theater(s) favor superhero, cartoon, and silly movies. To see anything else we would have to drive at least 50 miles to suburban St Paul; not gonna happen.

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