My Funny Valentine
Sometimes Mondays

Sums It Up

"Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched."
                                          -- Mindy Kaling

And sometimes you just need to pick up a blooming plant at Trader Joe's. . . 


and ignore those snowflakes you see out the window.  

Because it's only mid-February, and we have a lot of winter left (here in Michigan, at least).  
Pretending to be psyched!  (Happy weekend.)


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Trader Joe's is my new favorite place. It's not very close but I've been taking every opportunity to get there. Care packages for CO and flowers for sure! Here's to the weekend Kym! xo


Glad you could find flowers to be psyched about, even if you can't look out the window. That is a beautiful cyclamen, and if I didn't live so far from a TJ's I would head there for some pick-me-up flowers. Hyacinths from the grocery store are clearly not the way to go!


What a gorgeous Cyclamen! Trader Joe's has the best flowers (cut and potted). Have a wonderful weekend!!


Trader Joe's is the perfect place to find all sorts of pick me ups! In two weeks it will be March 1!! So, there is that!


A new blooming plant is a mood lifting thing! I'm trying to be psyched about the sun shining. Cuz it's WAY below zero here again and it has snowed every other day since the beginning of time. Wellll….not exactly. It just feels that way.


Having that bright and beautiful spot of color on gray days really makes winter less drab! I really love the intense color of cyclamen, whether pink or red! I think I'll pick one up to brighten my day, too.


Such a pretty cyclamen. I looked at some pink ones at my grocery store last week. I may have to pick one up on my next trip. Sometimes you have to create a little spot of hope indoors. Have a good weekend.


So pretty and sure to bring some much needed spring time to your house.

I bought one too. They are such sweet little flowers.


and oohhh, those flowers are the perfect lipstick shade ;-)


I love that cyclamen! And yeah, winter is still here for a while. Try and embrace the good things about it - extra reading time and cozy fires - and whatever you do don't dream about beer on the patio!

Caffeine Girl

I should really stop by Trader Joe's for flowers. We have so much snow here in Wisconsin and more on the way! I actually like winter, so I'm not really complaining -- at least not about the snow. We have also had a lot of ice -- and that is something to complain about!


Lovely blooms; my Trader Joe's had nothing quite as enticing as yours. Do enjoy!

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