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Sometimes Mondays

. . . just feel tedious.


Even though February is a short month, winter does drag on, y'know?  And I have reached the End of My Rope with it.  More snow.  More drizzle.  More freezing rain.  Then more snow.  Another Winter Weather Advisory.  

I've pretty much had it at this point.

I'm cranky and out of sorts.  All I want to do is get outside and wear flip-flops and cut fresh herbs and cook on the grill and take the dogs for walks without worrying about ice on the roads and whether the sidewalks are shoveled enough.

Pardon my whining.  But I really am officially over winter now.

It happens every year.  And I know I'll get through it.  
But today?  It feels like a slog.

How about you?  How's your Monday looking?


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I am so with you! Got a doozy of a case of cabin fever goin' on...why is the shortest month always the longest?


Much the same. Today this dratted weather is making me tackle interior projects I would prefer to ignore! lol


We have about 4-5 inches of new snow. I pulled on my spikes and put Mylo into his boots and off we went! We played in the snow, dodged the plow, and made new tracks in pristine areas. If you can't beat 'em, I say join 'em. Of course, I'm really sick of all the layers of clothing I have to wear to make it fun!


Following up with: Condo living makes snow days much easier! Sorry you're digging yourself out. :(


Ugh, much the same. We haven't had things as bad as the Midwest, but today we're starting three days of snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, repeat. I did spy two puny snowdrops!


I am with you 1000%!


We've been having snow mixed with rain & freezing rain, I'm tired of these dark, gray days!


I'm not over it yet...but only because I'm hoping for a day off work tomorrow (sleet and freezing rain forecast). I would be more than over it if we had experienced the amount of "stuff" you have gotten. Whew! Hope the cabin fever can dissipate and that you can end up enjoying the day.


Fortunately, we didn't get much snow this time. The roads look pretty clear. Round 2 is supposed to hit later today ..............that might put me over the edge. LOL Or it might not. Who knows.

Kim Sheehan

Sorry about your cabin fever! It is rainy and very windy here but no snow. But highly unpleasant.


I think you need a vacation to somewhere warm!


Carole’s suggestion is worth considering. Snow is pretty while it’s falling and best with a quick departure!


I almost didn’t comment, being in FL. , but I agree with Carole. A mid winter break does help. That being said your neck of the woods is having a tough go of it this winter. I’d be crawling the walls right with you !


I feel for you! We've had a dismal winter snow-wise and so wish we could have taken some for you. I spent the weekend starting the 60 was so fun that yesterday I didn't do much! :-) And yes...go warm!


Ditto: my behind is tired - my dullness is tiring - my attitude has been ticking downward for a while - and the weather just doesn’t help. Poor February sad lonely winter weather.
We all need a jump start, don’t’cha think?


I wasn't in flip flops today...but I did have bare ankles. of course that nice weather comes with other "stuff". at least here in Georgia. (and maybe Florida ... reading other comments and thinking those hearts might be coming from where mine is...)


How about renting a condo or Air B & B for at least January or February, better both, in a warm climate? You don't need this any more!


Growing up along Lake Erie, spring was my favorite in CO, not so much. And I think it’s because we don’t get that horribly stark contrast (given our mild western winters). So I actually envy that total rush you guys must get with the official arrival of spring, when it finally comes to stay!


Our winter started about 10 days ago and it just will not stop so I’m with you - done with it!
I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the airport will clear up because we are supposed to be heading to a warmer climate in a few days.


Tiresome for sure...but at least we're not under 20+ inches - if any as of this comment- of snow. Hang tight; Mother Nature will redeem...


I find the gray wearing so I bought a few flowers. I have never had much luck with bulbs blooming indoors - bugs, falling over, too much water, not enough water. Take good care - light a candle, make a cuppa, buy some new yarn . . .

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