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Sometimes Mondays

. . . are quiet.


As in . . . really, really quiet.

Like living-in-an-upturned-barrel-placed-over-your-head kind of quiet.  

You see, I flew out to Colorado last Thursday with a little touch of a cold.  While there, the high altitude and super-dry air did a number on my sinuses.  And then I flew home.  Let's just say . . . the pressure in my head (and particularly in my ears) has not quite normalized.  

In other words, I can't hear a freakin' thing!!!

Today is quiet.  
Very, very quiet.

(And Tom wins the True Love 4-Ever'n'Ever award.  Because he watched the Oscars with me last night with the volume set on MAX and didn't even complain.)  (Now that's love!)

How's your Monday?