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Sometimes Mondays

. . . are quiet.


As in . . . really, really quiet.

Like living-in-an-upturned-barrel-placed-over-your-head kind of quiet.  

You see, I flew out to Colorado last Thursday with a little touch of a cold.  While there, the high altitude and super-dry air did a number on my sinuses.  And then I flew home.  Let's just say . . . the pressure in my head (and particularly in my ears) has not quite normalized.  

In other words, I can't hear a freakin' thing!!!

Today is quiet.  
Very, very quiet.

(And Tom wins the True Love 4-Ever'n'Ever award.  Because he watched the Oscars with me last night with the volume set on MAX and didn't even complain.)  (Now that's love!)

How's your Monday?



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Oh yuck! Hope you are feeling/hearing better soon. Take care.


I hope things return to normal for you soon, and triple Good Husband points to Tom! I had that same thing happen on a trip back from Denver, and after four or five days went to the dr. when my hearing didn't return. She had me hold my nose, drink water, and swallow while she blew blew air into my ears. Sounds weird but it worked!


Oh no! I hope it resolves itself quickly! And Tom is numero uno! (I can't wait to watch the rest of the show when I get home from work...)


So sorry for the sinus issues! That Colorado air can really mess with your sinuses in the winter especially. But I bet it was nice to visit family. Weren’t the Oscars fun! I almost didn’t miss having a host. Things seemed to move faster though it was after eleven when my head it the pillow.


That's no fun at all! I hope it clears up quickly. Tom and Dale, they are quite the guys.


Oh no! I hope that gets better soon. My ears are so sensitive to pressure changes and it can be super painful on top of "quiet." Recently, I've been taking a low dose of antihistamine for a couple of days prior to flying and it seems to help. Tom's a sweetheart. :)


Oh no! That can't be any fun at all! I hope you are feeling better and hearing at lower decibels soon! XO


hearing can be a mixed blessing. I'm glad you didn't miss BraGa's moment. at least I assume you didn't ... and bless Tom for listening to it at FULL BLAST :-) but still ... hope you get your ears back to normal ASAP. xxoo.


That is love. He is a keeper. I hope you feel better soon.


Hope the hearing situation resolves on its own quickly! That silence happens before you know it when you're at altitude and it's hard to control. We watched the Oscars (even though we only saw two movies and it was fun. I was SO happy with the winners!


You’ve definitely got a sweetheart. Your reaction to Colorado climate kind of shocked me, but that might just a reaction from one who has lived there since the age of 20. In any case I wish you well SOON!

Kim in Oregon

Oof. FLying is just the worst on the body.

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