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Sometimes Mondays

. . . mean it's time for another Stash Giveaway!


These two skeins of yarn have held space in my stash for a very long time.  They are probably the most lovely yarns in my stash -- they are a true treat for the eyes, AND they feel like a dream!

But, alas.  They do not spark joy for me.
Perhaps they will for you?


Each skein is Silk Lace hand dyed by Sundara of Sundara Yarn.  1000 yards of 100% silk.  The colors?  They shimmer!  The reddish skein is in the Copper Over Bamboo colorway, and the grayish/bluish skein is in the Granite Falls colorway.

Truly, these are gorgeous yarns.  They deserve to be knit up in a beautiful lace pattern.  Or even to just be displayed.  Or touched.  

Interested?  In one?  Or both?  Just let me know this week in the comments.  On Friday, if there is interest, I'll draw a name (or names) out of a hat -- and the yarn will be yours!

Happy Monday.




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The yarns are indeed lovely...and congrats to ever wins them! Knit in great health!
I am not adding my name to the basket...

kim in oregon

I think the copper one is sweetly whispering my name.


The Granite Falls colorway seems to be yelling my name! They are truly beautiful, and so generous of you to offer.


I'd gladly take that copper colored one off your hands and turn it into a lovely lace shawl.


Oh my! Either would be wonderful., and would be a fabulous scarf/shawl...many thanks for 5 days of dreaming!


That copper one is calling to me as well but I will pass. The chance of me knitting any more lace than what I've already got stashed in those buckets of mine is highly unlikely!


They will make someone very happy as they are very pretty.

I'm not a lace knitter, but those colors sure are lovely.


You are very generous but I'll leave the yarn to someone else. Both are beautiful and Sundara Yarn is very nice.


I think I would love either one but I think I hear the Granite Falls colorway calling my name. I can see a lovely lace shawl in someone's future. Once again, thanks for your generosity.


Beautiful yarns and a fabulous give-away. Both colors are wonderful. However, don't include me please...I'm not quite ready for tackling lace yarn - lol.


The Granite Falls color is calling my name. It is beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

Dawn Leonard

Beautiful! I would love the copper. I love knitting lace. The 1st lace project I made was EZ's Pi shawl which I gave to my mom for her birthday. It took almost a year to make!


oh Kym, those skeins are lovely - you have very good taste in acquiring yarn! sending my best wishes and lace-knitting vibes to everyone who's put their name in the hat!!


Ooooooo. Fire and ice. What gorgeous yarn! Thanks for sharing it with someone who will love it.


I hope the beautiful yarns found new homes! I am no fan of slippery yarn now that my hands are uncooperative. They'll make beautiful shawls or scarves for the winners!


Would love either or both. Thinking I have plenty of my own to blend into a wrap or shawl.

Malin Campbell

I love those yarns, especially the copper. I want to make a boomerang shawl/scarf with it to wrap myself in color and shine. They are lovely indeed.

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