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On Matching


When you wake up to this (again) (and on repeat) . . . 


and your knitting looks like this (again) (on repeat) . . . 


Around and around.  Over and over.  Day in and day out.


The big difference?  My knitting has a happy, green pocket lining.  

(And winter doesn't.)

How about you?  Are you matching your stitching these days?


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Sometimes Mondays

. . . just feel tedious.


Even though February is a short month, winter does drag on, y'know?  And I have reached the End of My Rope with it.  More snow.  More drizzle.  More freezing rain.  Then more snow.  Another Winter Weather Advisory.  

I've pretty much had it at this point.

I'm cranky and out of sorts.  All I want to do is get outside and wear flip-flops and cut fresh herbs and cook on the grill and take the dogs for walks without worrying about ice on the roads and whether the sidewalks are shoveled enough.

Pardon my whining.  But I really am officially over winter now.

It happens every year.  And I know I'll get through it.  
But today?  It feels like a slog.

How about you?  How's your Monday looking?

Not Even Close to a Friday Fish Wrap

Okay.  So all week I've been planning to do a Friday Fish Wrap post today.  But as I mentioned yesterday, this has been a very full week.  And Friday Fish Wrap posts take quite a lot of time to put together.  Time I didn't have - and really. . . I should have known better than to even think I might have had it.  (Magical thinking, I guess).

So.  Here we are . . . Friday.  No Fish Wrap.  No back-up ideas.  And not much creative energy as I sit here, watching the wind blow and snow swirl while the temperature continues to plunge.  

Here's what I've got . . . 

My only current blooming amaryllis.  


Although I've enjoyed some really lovely amaryllis blooms this year (I've been posting them to Instagram on Fridays this winter), I've had more than the usual number of disappointments. First, I planted the bulbs in tall, narrow pots which looked Very Cool -- but not at all practical for amaryllis bulbs.  The blooms are just too top heavy, and keep toppling over.  Big mess; crushed flowers.  (So stupid on my part.  I should know better. . . )  One bulb was a total fail (only leaves - big full leaves; no buds). Another got some sort of bug infestation and I had to get rid of it before the bugs spread.   It's been . . . rough.  But, still worth it.  The blooms I have gotten are beautiful!  

(I ended up ordering a couple more bulbs, planted them in more sensible pots -- and they are just beginning to bud.  So I remain hopeful.)  (That's gardening.  Some years are more successful than others.  There is always something to learn!)


Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Michigan news headlines and came up with a doozy about a bloody man in his underwear, and then . . . noticed that the headline below was a real winner, too!


Talk about a headline double-whammy!  


And, lastly, if you read Dana's blog, you may have seen this little video yesterday.  I'm including it here, just in case you haven't seen it yet.  It's charming -- with a few good messages built in. (Plus it's yarn-y cute!)


Enjoy your weekend.
(And stay tuned . . . maybe I'll have a proper Friday Fish Wrap NEXT Friday!)


Three to Go

I'm in the midst of one of those very full weeks.  (Actually, I'm now on the downhill side of the very full week.  So yay.)  Running around too much to blog.  Mind too preoccupied for creative thought.  Just . . . one of those weeks.


How about an Oscars update?  


If you look closely down at the lower right corner, you can see my "still to see" list.  Three to go!  (See how I did that there?  With the three?  For Thursdays?)

What's left?

1 - At Eternity's Gate (Willem Dafoe is up for Best Actor in this one).  We'll be checking this off our list tonight, though, as it's here in town and we've already made reservations.

2 - Can You Ever Forgive Me (Melissa McCarthy is up for Best Actress and Richard E. Grant for Best Supporting Actor).  I've been waiting and waiting to see this one -- but it just hasn't come to town yet.  It just came out on DVD, so maybe I'll have to break down and purchase it if it doesn't show up in the theater here before February 24.

3 - Cold War (Pawel Pawlikowski is up for Best Director for this movie).  This one might be the real bug-a-boo for us this year.  Our local theater showed the previews for Cold War months and months ago, but either it hasn't been here yet -- or it wasn't on my radar when it showed up.  Either way . . . there is no sign of it locally.  And it's not yet available on DVD.  (Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?)

We have seen all the movies up for Best Picture -- and, really, neither Tom nor I have a real favorite this year.  They're all good -- and very different.  (Forced to choose, I would probably pick The Favourite or BlacKkKlansman.)  (My real favorite?  Glenn Close in The Wife.  If you have a chance to watch it, do!  It's an excellent movie -- and she is fabulous.)

How about you?  Any favorites this year?


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You've Got Mail!

I've always loved receiving mail.

Real mail.

Hand written.  Cards, stationery, or legal pad.  Tucked in an envelope.  (Or not!)  And with lovely stamps.

I always love it when February rolls around, with Month of Letters fun to motivate me to sit down and write a note or a card every day.  But I've discovered another fun way to keep me writing year round:  Postcrossing.  You can read all about Postcrossing by clicking the link -- but, basically, it's all about writing and receiving postcards from all around the world.

I've been signed up for Postcrossing for a couple of years now, but I wan't very active at first.  It was just after the 2016 election, and I just didn't have the heart to send postcards to people all around the world.  (I mean . . . what was I going to say . . .  "I'm so sorry?")  But about a year ago, I decided to go All In and send happy, kind postcards to show people in other countries that Americans are nice and kind and eager to learn about the world.

Now, as of today, I've received 279 postcards from . . . everywhere.  (And I've sent slightly more than that number.)  What does that even look like?  Well. . . 


Like a big basketful!

I love going to my mailbox every day.  I get postcards several times a week now.  Even my friendly postal delivery person gets excited about my postcards.  One day, she asked me all about it when when we met up at my mailbox -- and now she's signed up herself.

The cards themselves are a treat, as there is so much variety.  But the real prize for me turns out to be the stamps (and I've never been interested in stamp collecting).  They are mini works of art!  Here are a couple I received on postcards this week . . . 

From China:


From Latvia:


If you like sending and receiving mail -- or if you'd like to serve as an unofficial-mini-ambassador of the United States out there in the greater world -- consider signing up for Postcrossing this month.  
It's fun.  
It's easy.
It doesn't take much time.  

And you get really cool stuff in your mailbox!

It's My Life

Today is a special day for me.  An auspicious day, in fact.  A private anniversary.  

You see, ten years ago today - February 4, 2009 - I walked out of my last chemo treatment.  I was weak, exhausted, wrung out -- but in remission.  I felt relieved and fragile and pretty raw. 

Here I am today.  


Ten years later.  Healthy.  Moved on.  Ready for whatever comes next -- but always remembering what came before.

In those first days post-chemo, I chose a theme song . . . (hit it, Jon) . . . and I've been singing it ever since. 

It's my life.
It's now or never.
I ain't gonna live forever.
I just want to live while I'm alive.

Today, I'm celebrating.
It IS my life.
(And I'm really glad to still be here.)





Hello, February

So glad you're here!  

I'm happy to report that The Siege has finally ended.  It's 14ºF outside right now.  Which is nearly 35º warmer than it was yesterday at this time!  While 14ºF sounds pretty darn cold, trust me . . . it feels downright balmy compared to -19ºF. 



It's Friday.
It's not snowing.
And it's above 0.

Let's TGIF!

T - Thinking about . . . gardening.  Yeah.  I've still got a couple of feet of snow in my back yard, but it's February.  And that's when I allow myself to start thinking about next season's garden.  The nursery and seed catalogs will begin arriving any day now (now that the postal delivery service has resumed - yay).  The days are getting longer.  Spring is just around the corner.  (Sort of.  If you squint real hard.)

G - Grateful for . . . snow plows, furnaces, and wool.

I - Inspired by . . . Month of Letters -- which starts today.  (Let me know if you'd like to exchange letters or notes this month.)

F - Fun . . . Although not everyone enjoys severe winter weather, my dogs have been having a great time out in the snow.  (Well.  Not when the polar vortex was in full swing.  Those sub-zero temperatures are even too much for my snow-loving dogs.)


Here's to a good weekend, everyone.  Stay warm.  Or carry an umbrella.  (Basically, be ready for anything!)