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Not Even Close to a Friday Fish Wrap

Okay.  So all week I've been planning to do a Friday Fish Wrap post today.  But as I mentioned yesterday, this has been a very full week.  And Friday Fish Wrap posts take quite a lot of time to put together.  Time I didn't have - and really. . . I should have known better than to even think I might have had it.  (Magical thinking, I guess).

So.  Here we are . . . Friday.  No Fish Wrap.  No back-up ideas.  And not much creative energy as I sit here, watching the wind blow and snow swirl while the temperature continues to plunge.  

Here's what I've got . . . 

My only current blooming amaryllis.  


Although I've enjoyed some really lovely amaryllis blooms this year (I've been posting them to Instagram on Fridays this winter), I've had more than the usual number of disappointments. First, I planted the bulbs in tall, narrow pots which looked Very Cool -- but not at all practical for amaryllis bulbs.  The blooms are just too top heavy, and keep toppling over.  Big mess; crushed flowers.  (So stupid on my part.  I should know better. . . )  One bulb was a total fail (only leaves - big full leaves; no buds). Another got some sort of bug infestation and I had to get rid of it before the bugs spread.   It's been . . . rough.  But, still worth it.  The blooms I have gotten are beautiful!  

(I ended up ordering a couple more bulbs, planted them in more sensible pots -- and they are just beginning to bud.  So I remain hopeful.)  (That's gardening.  Some years are more successful than others.  There is always something to learn!)


Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Michigan news headlines and came up with a doozy about a bloody man in his underwear, and then . . . noticed that the headline below was a real winner, too!


Talk about a headline double-whammy!  


And, lastly, if you read Dana's blog, you may have seen this little video yesterday.  I'm including it here, just in case you haven't seen it yet.  It's charming -- with a few good messages built in. (Plus it's yarn-y cute!)


Enjoy your weekend.
(And stay tuned . . . maybe I'll have a proper Friday Fish Wrap NEXT Friday!)



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I had a toppling Amaryllis as well... giant mess indeed. Oy.

And, I saw that ship headline and texted my daughter asking if it was Christian's boat - thankfully no, but they were nearby for all.the.noise!!

Have a good weekend! XO


I do love that amaryllis! I never thought I was a big fan of pink or white ones, but this is quite beautiful and calming. I am hiring Purl and Lacey for my workplace!

kim in oregon

LOL about the bloody underwear guy. Well, I'll LOL til it haunts my dreams.


My amaryllis . . . well . . . they are still not quite out of the starting gate. I love that pink one of yours, the color is just amazing! Happy Friday, with or without the fish wrap!


Oooh, that's a pretty flower! I have no idea what kind of show I'm going to have... or when!! Those headlines made me laugh. Happy Weekend, Kym!


The pink is so beautiful! I hope to have more pinks in my selections next year. I had quite a few duds from WFF. :( Hopefully, next year will be better! I am always amazed at headline writers errors as well as the stories they cover. You do have a couple of doozers!


Apparently, that horn thing is a problem in winter. Not long ago there was a train parked in the freight yard and the horn went off in the middle of the night and continued non-stop for about 8 hours. YIKES! I think I would have gone crazy LONG before 8 hours passed.

Headlines ---- you just can't make this stuff UP! LOL (You ought to live in Florida. Weird headlines!)


Three cheers for PINK! and the weekend! have a good one, my friend!


Love that amaryllis photo!


Thx for sharing the video (and the amaryllis) both lovely in pink!

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