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My Funny Valentine

Me and my Valentine (who really is funny, by the way) . . . don't do anything special to celebrate Valentine's Day.  


But I thought it might be fun to acknowledge the day -- AND the fact that it falls on a Three on Thursday -- by sharing some things (three, in fact!) that you probably don't already know about my Valentine.

1 -- Tom grew up in Manhattan!


Here he is back in 1969 (Tom's the skinny blonde kid on the left) in J. Hood Wright Park, which was across the street from his apartment building.  For those of you familiar with Manhattan, he lived at Ft. Washington Ave. and W. 173rd St, and attended PS 173.  It was quite a shock (as in culture shock!)  . . . when his parents moved the family to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he spent his adolescent years.  (And met me.)  (He can still bring back that NY accent when he wants to.)  

2 -- Tom used to be blonde!


Yep, there we are.  1980.  Tom's college graduation.  Blonde.  He was blonde as a baby, blonde as a kid, blonde when I met him.  Somewhere along the way, though, his hair turned dark brown.  His hair hasn't been blonde in decades -- but I still think of him as having blonde hair.  (Erin's hair was exactly the same -- blonde until she got out of college, when it turned dark brown.)  (And that photo?  That's my natural hair color.  Until it turned gray, of course.)

3 -- Tom is a "Poet Laureate". . . 

Tom curling

of the Kalamazoo Curling Club, that is!  Tom loves to play with words -- rhymes, funny turns of phrase, puns (and especially BAD puns, I might add).  He's also very good at telling jokes, and has quite a repertoire of memorized stories.  These skills have landed him a gig as the First Curling Poet Laureate.  He has written - and presented - many curling-themed poems and (rather naughty) limericks at curling events all around the region.

And now you know a little bit more about my funny Valentine!
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.


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Rather naughty...good for Tom! Thanks for sharing Kym and Happy Valentines' Day!


I don't even know you or Tom for real, but I have always liked both of you. And I think we could have a good time punning ...


Yeah, we are not big on Valentine's day around here either. But, I admit I laughed at these Tom Tidbits!


You two are just so darn cute together. Fun facts about Tom (and my hair is a lot like his - one of my girlfriend's still describes me as having blonde hair...and it's been years...)


I knew some of this about Tom but not all of it. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, either. Well. Except for the cream puffs.


Can't believe you didn't share a limerick with us....


Maybe next Thursday you can share three of the Poet Laureate's poems, puns, or limericks. His fans are clamoring for them!

kathy b

Adores! I loved this post. My survey link is now working. Sorry ! i was off to the barn early and rushing.


Moving from Manhattan to Cheyenne would be culture shock for sure. We lived in Cheyenne for three and a half years. Whew. We don't do much on Valentine's Day either. He brought me a latte and a croissant this morning. I got him a heating pad for his recliner and a card. We both decided that cards are getting so expensive that we are going to keep them and write a new note each year on the same card.


Hats off to Tom. I’m a Jersey girl, my Dad worked for GMOO at Broadway and 57th St. Spent many happy hours in the city.. My bro is chief engineer at a major NYC radio station. But I transplanted to UT a very long time ago and love the mountains too. My dream was to have a cabin in a lake much like the ones we rented In Maine every summer therefore I love your posts about your cabin. Cheers


I've often thought you knew a gem when you met one, Kym, and the Poet Laureate of a Curling Club is just the icing on the cake, hmm? You two look like you have so much fun together - your whole lives are probably a Valentine. My sister was a blonde until her pregnancy in her 20s. Oh, those hormones. But I still think of her that way, too!


Tom sounds like a Renaissance man! How fun to live with someone who plays with words even if creating bad puns! I think you two are a great team!

Cheryl S.

Larry was born in Queens, but moved when he was 4 or 5. As an adult, he spent 8 years living in a tiny 6th floor walk-up in SoHo. He refers to that period as "doing time" in Manhattan.

kim in oregon

Thank you for such a lovely tribute to your valentine. And for the vest/feathered hair combo.


I can't imagine moving from NYC to Wyoming! LOL Looks like it worked out well for both of you.

A belated happy Valentine's Day.


What a sweet post, Kym! (I experienced culture shock in the other direction when we moved from Casper, WY to Cherry Hill, NJ my freshman year of high school - yikes!)


Y'all are the cutest Valentines!

I always equate limericks with "naughty"! My BFF's dad wrote VOLUMES of limericks back in the day, and they were all VERY VERY NAUGHTY!! :)


T'was fun getting to know a bit more about Tom (and you too!) I also vote for a limerick share!

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