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It happens every year about this time . . . my craving for spring.  Even though I know that spring is still a long (long) way off here in Michigan, that winter hasn't relinquished its hold yet, that snow is still falling . . . this craving just seeps in.  Slowly, at first.  But deeper and deeper.  Until, suddenly, it's a full-on longing.


I try to be Smart and Good Natured about it.  I tell myself all the things that northerners tell themselves - and each other.
I like living where there are 4 distinct seasons, I say.
The days are getting longer, I agree.
Isn't the snow pretty? I insist.

I work at being a Good Sport when my southern friends start showing photos of cherry blossoms and other outdoor blooming plants . . . (in freakin' February).  I always curb my first inclination (to yell "shut the f*%# up"), opting to take a deep breath and reframe my thoughts in more hopeful, optimistic, and forward thinking ways.

And it'll be fine.
It always is.
I get cabin-fever-y and garden-dreamy and up-north-crave-y about this time every year.  
And I always get by.

(Truthfully. . . I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!)

This morning, I decided to see if I could find any signs of spring in my garden.  Just, y'know. . . to build my spirits on this eve of March.  I know it's really too early.  Quite premature.  I KNOW.  But I did it anyway.

And . . . I just came back with a big old nuthin.  Disappointed.
(Because Thursday . . . here are three big-old-nuthin examples for you.)

1 - My earliest blooms (hellebores) are still buried in snow.

IMG_1983 3

2 - My garden bench is still very much closed for the season.


3 - Garden Buddha is still sitting sentry over a frozen pond.



But soon.

I'm sure I'll see signs of spring soon. . . 




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I'm in the same boat as you. Enough winter already! I'm also so very over the snow, cold and wind. I'm wishing the Gurney's catalog would at least show up and even though I don't plant a garden it would give me something to dream about! I think I'm going to get my phone out and look at last year's flower pictures. :)

Kim in Oregon

We had so many bulbs that were up 4+ inches but now I think they may all be gone--especially when a 10 foot tree branch fell on them.


March always begins the watch for spring. I keep thinking that when my children were little the end of March was warmer than it is now. That we didn’t get late March snow. But I know I’m wrong. Nothing to do but wait and plan.


Always a waiting game. One thing Fletch and I have noticed is bird song - much more Spring-like and looking-for-a-mate like...but no visible signs of Spring in our yard. I also try to remind myself that by August I am yearning for chilly nights and blankets to cuddle under. I really do enjoy 4 seasons, but sometimes wish there were 6!


All of this.. the yearning for spring is strong here too!


My day lilies are showing signs of green. What's up with that? It's still FREEZIN' outside.

Hoping spring comes soon, but like you .........I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn (Hal Borland). (I know you know this; it's just taking a loonngg time!)


It won't make you feel better to know it, but we have more snow than you! We need the moisture but oh, I'm ready for it to be gone. Most snow in February since 1916! Which no, I don't remember ;-)


I have daffodil shoots which is pretty exciting. The snow in Central Park is pretty this morning but I’m ready for spring!


Ha, the implanted northerners to the south (and yes, I sometimes feel I didn’t choose to come here, but I do admit the spring is much nicer here than in the north) . . . are tired of the rain, tired of the rainy winter, a little snow would help. But not too much if I could choose. (My area has had 20 inches of rain already these first 2 months, compared to 8” last year and a nice little flooded driveway.)
So, is it all relative? Sure, but it sure sparks us to zaniness to talk about it!


I tried turning off my headlights when I got to work this morning -- and had never turned them on!! That's a sign of spring! (One that will have a little set-back soon, but still...)


We are at the time of year the push-pull begins. I have SNOWDROPS! I am SO excited! I see tiny crocus leaves, too, but the SNOWDROPS are here!! I planted about 30 or so and the payoff is lifting my heart. I hear more birdsong every day. But, the sky remains fickle, snow is forecast (if not snow then rain) and the temps are like a rollercoaster, although I think a little more upward in direction this week. Your changes can't be far behind and within a week I know you'll see stronger signs of winter giving way. Spring is a tough cookie and she wants her way. She'll be there!!


I sure hope so! It's so damn cold around here!


Four seasons is a good thing ... but I'd like Spring and Fall to be longest ones!


Oh dear, that's hard. Your "I work at being a Good Sport when my southern friends start showing photos of cherry blossoms and other outdoor blooming plants . . . (in freakin' February). I always curb my first inclination (to yell "shut the f*%# up")" cracked me up. It seems so out of keeping with the usual mild, rational voice of your posts. I will refrain from mentioning the flowers appearing here (northern CA) and instead offer that it has rained so much this week our highways are washing out, houses are slipping off their foundations, and our garage is a lake! :)



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