An Embarrasment of Riches
Say It . . . On Friday

Looking for Signs

It happens every year about this time . . . my craving for spring.  Even though I know that spring is still a long (long) way off here in Michigan, that winter hasn't relinquished its hold yet, that snow is still falling . . . this craving just seeps in.  Slowly, at first.  But deeper and deeper.  Until, suddenly, it's a full-on longing.


I try to be Smart and Good Natured about it.  I tell myself all the things that northerners tell themselves - and each other.
I like living where there are 4 distinct seasons, I say.
The days are getting longer, I agree.
Isn't the snow pretty? I insist.

I work at being a Good Sport when my southern friends start showing photos of cherry blossoms and other outdoor blooming plants . . . (in freakin' February).  I always curb my first inclination (to yell "shut the f*%# up"), opting to take a deep breath and reframe my thoughts in more hopeful, optimistic, and forward thinking ways.

And it'll be fine.
It always is.
I get cabin-fever-y and garden-dreamy and up-north-crave-y about this time every year.  
And I always get by.

(Truthfully. . . I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!)

This morning, I decided to see if I could find any signs of spring in my garden.  Just, y'know. . . to build my spirits on this eve of March.  I know it's really too early.  Quite premature.  I KNOW.  But I did it anyway.

And . . . I just came back with a big old nuthin.  Disappointed.
(Because Thursday . . . here are three big-old-nuthin examples for you.)

1 - My earliest blooms (hellebores) are still buried in snow.

IMG_1983 3

2 - My garden bench is still very much closed for the season.


3 - Garden Buddha is still sitting sentry over a frozen pond.



But soon.

I'm sure I'll see signs of spring soon. . .