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It's My Life

Today is a special day for me.  An auspicious day, in fact.  A private anniversary.  

You see, ten years ago today - February 4, 2009 - I walked out of my last chemo treatment.  I was weak, exhausted, wrung out -- but in remission.  I felt relieved and fragile and pretty raw. 

Here I am today.  


Ten years later.  Healthy.  Moved on.  Ready for whatever comes next -- but always remembering what came before.

In those first days post-chemo, I chose a theme song . . . (hit it, Jon) . . . and I've been singing it ever since. 

It's my life.
It's now or never.
I ain't gonna live forever.
I just want to live while I'm alive.

Today, I'm celebrating.
It IS my life.
(And I'm really glad to still be here.)






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It is your life and I hope you live the best one possible (sorry to sound so Oprah). The universe is very happy you are here, and so am I.


I am really glad you are here too. Congratulations!

Sue Matson

I very much love reading your posts everyday. I too am a cancer survivor. I have only been in remission for 2.5 years but I remain positive. I am so very very happy and blessed to be alive!

kim in oregon

Happy anniversary! I'm glad you are still around too.


Happy Anniversary!


And I am so glad that you are here too! Wishing you all the best!


Happy Anniversary, my friend!!!


I'm really glad you're here too! Happy Anniversary! Here's to 2029! xo


I'm so incredibly glad you're still here. And I'm glad that I'm part of your life. XOXO


Perfect theme song! Congratulations on your 10 year milestone! Keep on rockin’


That is a very important reason to celebrate! Happy Anniversary! Also, I love the
word auspicious!


This might just be about the best anniversary ever! And, I am so glad you are here too! XO

Susan Lemire

WONDERFUL anniversary to celebrate!
So happy for you.

Julia in KW

Woohoo! Happy anniversary! Glow of contentment in that smile! Very happy for you!


YAY! That's an anniversary to celebrate BIG! and I'm so happy to be here to share in it. xxoo!


A great anniversary, and thanks for sharing it with us. Keep on Living/Enjoying!


Happy happy anniversary for life. I love the theme song. To life!


I am glad you are still here too. Here's to many more clean anniversaries!!!

P.S. You look FABulous!!!


Congratulations, Kym! Also, you look beautiful with that heart on your head. :)


Hooray! Sometimes I think these anniversaries are the best ones.


You took the challenge to create a life and you ran with it! I am always delighted to hear another grand anniversary has past and you have moved on to live, love, and create even more!


Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing so much...I’m glad you’re here, too!

Cheryl S.

The very best anniversary!


I am so happy for you! Have a truly joyous day.


Enjoy your life..... your positive attitude is a big reason you are healthy and happy 10 years after .......

inspiration for all

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