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Into the Future

Have you ever thought about yourself . . . in the future?


(This photo has absolutely nothing to do with today's blog post.  But it's lovely, isn't it?  A new cyclamen plant. . . Here are some tips for getting a cyclamen plant to re-bloom.) (So.  Maybe this photo IS related to today's blog post after all.  I'll let you decide.)

I don't mean what you'll look like in the future.  (Although there is that. . . )  I mean what life will be like for you.  What you'll do with your time.  How you'll spend your days.  How you'll feel.  That kind of thing.

In this, my year of intention, I've been thinking a lot about my future self:  Future-Kym.

Turns out that most of us have unrealistic notions about our future selves.  It is human nature to believe that tomorrow will be different for ourselves.  We'll have more time.  We'll be in better physical shape.  We'll have enough money for retirement.  We'll knit ALL the yarn in our stash!

And while, yes, our lives will continue to change and evolve (because the one constant in our lives is change), we are not going to become totally different people.  You know. . . healthy and fit people who have time for learning new languages in preparation for trips around the world while knitting all day and never eating sweets with perfectly organized photo albums and a sparkling clean house. 

Unless we start working on it today, that is.

Consider this blog post fair warning:  You're going to hear a lot more about Future-Kym this year.  As I work through my goal of living with intention, I'm going to have to bring her into the spotlight!

How about you?  Have you given much thought to Future-You?


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I for years have asked myself, how will future me feel about XX - and usually that was a near in the future me. These thoughts have often saved me from impulse purchases.

I do like this idea of thinking about what and where you want to be in the future and I can't wait to see how this year unfolds for you!


I have this thing I do where I'll tackle something I don't necessarily want to do with the thought in my head that my future self will thank me. (I totally stole the idea from Gretchen Rubin.) This works pretty well for motivating me but it's not as insightful and thoughtful as what you will be doing with your word.


Future-me sometimes shows up in the present to shake her head (or sometimes even yell) at now-me's behavior. This often has to do eating and/or lack of exercise, but now-me is beginning to just do what I know I need to to become the future-me I want to be.

That cyclamen is beautiful, and so is the sun shining on it!


Oh yes, future-me is always there as I occasionally borrow from her, the spoon theory, you know. It’s catch-up all the time.
As for the yarn , I’d rather have that cyclamen instead! What beautiful coloring.


Yup, I do think about the future me. I also think about how the me today is the future me of the past. Funny. I'll be interested to see how this unfolds for you. Beautiful cyclamen. I still want to get one - the grocery store offerings this weekend were pathetic, so I'm still on the hunt.


I'm often thinking about future me. I feel like I should be more productive with my weekend time but justify my somewhat laziness with the fact that I work all week. I worry that I'll have 7 days of lazy! We have a saying that McGowan's (maternal side) do one thing a day. So I guess if I can stick with doing one productive thing (over and above exercise) each day that will be a good way to begin! Here's to future Kym! xo


And Happy Birthday Brian! :-)


Stepping away from the edge... into the future! This will be interesting. I don't think a lot about Future-Vicki because it seems like it'll be a long time before there will be any significant change in my life/routine... though there may be a little change ahead, so perhaps I shall start!! ;)


Since I've retired, present me is feeling that future me is taken care of, at least on the money side, but probably should up the exercise which is happening thanks to a cousin who wanted company at her exercise therapy classes. That certainly was a long run on sentence. Here's to the future.


Does that photo mean the sun came out in Michigan today? sigh. it's taking a break from Georgia this week. I think about future-me a lot. I write letters to her and I love to imagine what she'll be thinking and doing. I've started listening to a podcast that talks about becoming a good ancestor ... and present me is laying groundwork and making big plans ... that future me (and future after-me's) will hopefully see come to fruition!


I HAVE thought about future me and considering the world's kind of a scary thought.


I think about future-me and all the stairs in my house (but they make chair lifts for that). :-) I am considering all the things future me will deal with health-wise. It's sobering.


I'm with Margene - chair lifts- and yes future me every day, I also think about "before future me" and I am eternally grateful for my life , my parents who gave me the foundation to be ME!

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