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Hello, February

So glad you're here!  

I'm happy to report that The Siege has finally ended.  It's 14ºF outside right now.  Which is nearly 35º warmer than it was yesterday at this time!  While 14ºF sounds pretty darn cold, trust me . . . it feels downright balmy compared to -19ºF. 



It's Friday.
It's not snowing.
And it's above 0.

Let's TGIF!

T - Thinking about . . . gardening.  Yeah.  I've still got a couple of feet of snow in my back yard, but it's February.  And that's when I allow myself to start thinking about next season's garden.  The nursery and seed catalogs will begin arriving any day now (now that the postal delivery service has resumed - yay).  The days are getting longer.  Spring is just around the corner.  (Sort of.  If you squint real hard.)

G - Grateful for . . . snow plows, furnaces, and wool.

I - Inspired by . . . Month of Letters -- which starts today.  (Let me know if you'd like to exchange letters or notes this month.)

F - Fun . . . Although not everyone enjoys severe winter weather, my dogs have been having a great time out in the snow.  (Well.  Not when the polar vortex was in full swing.  Those sub-zero temperatures are even too much for my snow-loving dogs.)


Here's to a good weekend, everyone.  Stay warm.  Or carry an umbrella.  (Basically, be ready for anything!)


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Be ready for anything = best advice you can give! Happy Weekend!


Go JoJo Go! Enjoy the weekend Kym!

kathy b

FUn in the snow with the dog reminds me of how our beloved dog HUCK Loved the snow !!! great memory. THanks Kym


As always, I’d love to exchange a letter/note with you!


Three cheers for above zero temps!! Have a great weekend! And, I would be happy to exchange a letter with you this month!!


Those dog pictures are so full of joy! The gardening catalogues are pulling up here. And fun! Colin & Mailing close on the house in 3 weeks and will have gardens to make/expand. I'd love to exchange letters with you in February!


I'm glad The Siege has ended and you'll have gardening catalogs to peruse. You and Vicki deserve a trip to the Caribbean to recover from this!


I love that you're thinking about gardening and enjoying a balmy 14 degrees! I'd love to exchange notes this month. Happy weekend, Kym!


I love thinking about gardening at this time of year! My garden is small and I plant a lot in containers, but I still love looking at seed catalogues and planning what I will plant this year.
I would be happy to exchange letters with you this month! Hope you have a great weekend!


I’d love to swap snail mail notes :)


We had temperatures in the teens around the first of the year and while it was cold I was very happy it was above 0. I can't imagine what you've been through. We've started looking through are catalogs and I'm keeping an eye out for the dozens of snowdrops I planted last spring. I'm also doing MOL. I write almost everyday, but I love sending notes to people I know. xox


May the garden catalogs flood your mailbox. We had a bit of a warm up this weekend. In fact when I walked this afternoon, most of the snow had melted. Lots of puddles for kids and dogs to enjoy. And Spring, ha, I'll start squinting.

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