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By Request

Last week, I shared that Tom is the Poet Laureate for the Kalamazoo Curling Club.  And several of you called me out . . . for not including some of his (rather naughty) limericks.


Here you go.  
Three (because Thursday) of Tom's limericks.  
By request.


Curling Limerick #1

I met a skip last November
Had a curling tattoo on his member
Most times it said “MEND”
But on cue would extend
To say “Hey, come check out my 8-ender”

Curling Limerick #2

There once was a curler named Ina
Who’d learned how to guard in Regina
Twixt her knees held a rock
And with that she did block
Any draw attempt to her . . . button

Curling Limerick #3

Twas a curler who got into some trouble
Drank too much and passed out in the rubble
He woke up sick and giddy
With only one kidney
And a tramp-stamp that said “missed the double”

And.  There you are.


Be sure to visit Carole today for more Three on Thursday fun!


I'm heading to Colorado this morning for an extended weekend visit.  There may or may not be a blog post tomorrow.   (Oh, the suspense. . . )



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These are great Tom! Kym, have a wonderful visit in CO...wish I was heading there too! xo


Made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could watch curling some time other than the olympics. Not a lot of curling in Texas (or California where I used to live) so I don't know a lot about the sport, but enough to know I enjoy it!


Haha! Those are GREAT!! Have a great trip, Kym!


Thanks for sharing and making me laugh this morning! Hope you have a wonderful trip!


Tom is indeed a clever wordsmith! Enjoy your visit to CO; like Patty, I wish I was also heading there. John said last night that we don't see Ryan enough, and that is true. I have to remedy that.


What fun! These are wonderful and Fletch is really going to enjoy them too.

I have CO envy! Have a wonderful time and safe travels.

Jeannie Gray

LOL, thanks for the laugh! It was most needed this morning.


Excellent! Tom is clearly a genius. :-)

Have a fun trip to Colorado!


Brrr...Colorado is pretty chilly right now. Hope your visit is terrific dispite the weather.


Enjoy your visit west! Tom is a hoot!


Have an amazing LONG weekend away!

And, Tom, oh my! I laughed, and thanks for sharing!


LOLLOLOL! and safe travels. and I hope you don't post tomorrow. and I most definitely hope that Tom writes more limericks for you to share here. (also, I still don't understand curling ;-)


Will have to show this to my husband.


Fabulous! I'll be sharing these with Dale for sure!

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