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An Embarrasment of Riches

Last year, I made some changes to my reading habit.   Changing not so much what I read, but how I was reading:
I slowed my reading pace.
I started taking notes and writing reviews.
I committed to using my library more.

It's that third one I want to talk about today.  Using my library more.


When I was a child, I loved going to the library.  It was my Happy Place!  I loved nothing more than walking through the stacks, choosing books at random.  Reading and reading and reading.

As an adult, though, with empty bookcases at home and suddenly-everywhere big box bookstores, I started purchasing books.  I built my own library.  Still reading and reading and reading -- but no more worries about due dates.

I told myself that the library didn't have the books I wanted to read anymore.  That I couldn't get the books I wanted to read immediately.  I convinced myself that it was better to just buy what I wanted to read.  So I did.

What was I thinking???

So, a couple of years ago, I went through every book in our house and ended up donating 30-some boxes of books to my local library for their quarterly book sales.  And I donated boxes of my kids' books to their former school libraries.  And I dropped off books to other local organizations that promote literacy or protect women and children.

And I started to use the library again.  

At first, I mostly used Overdrive to check out books.  I think Overdrive works wonderfully -- so convenient and so easy.  But I often have to wait months and months (and months) for the titles I most want to read.  So I started reserving books through my local library's online system.

Ohmygod!  It's raining books here!!!

It seems there are rarely people requesting the books I want to read through the actual library.  And although the library doesn't have every title I want, they have most of the titles I want.  I've been able to pick up books at my library - right away with no wait at all - that I've been waiting months to read through Overdrive.  I put in a hold through my library's online system, and I get a notice that I can pick it up. 

It's an embarrassment of riches, I tell you!


I'm making a few housekeeping changes here on my blog.  I've added a sidebar list of the books I've recently read (through Goodreads) if you're interested.  I stopped blogging about my reading when I started posting reviews on Goodreads -- so just click in if you're interested in what I'm reading and what I thought of it.