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Unraveling Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)

Looking back at my knitting in 2018 . . . it was All About the Fiddly!

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.30.18 AM

That's a screenshot of my Ravelry projects page for 2018 (the bottom right is X'd out because it was a 2017 finish).  A good year, all told.  There were 6 cowls/shawls/or wraps.  3 sweaters (including a vest)*.  2 hats.  2 pairs of mitts.  1 baby gift.  And . . . the fiddly stuff:

6 gnomes
2 monkeys
2 pumpkins
1 ornament

That's . . . a lot of fiddly for one year!  (And, really, that mitered-square shawl could fit into the fiddly category, too. . . )  

My favorite project of the 2018?


I love this sweater.  I wear it so often that it is now a pill-y mess.  But for this kind of everyday, workhorse of a sweater . . . that just adds to its charm!

(Runner-up is this shawl.)

My most-complimented project for 2018?  That would be this one . . . 


Being the Ravelry Cover-Girl for a couple of weeks really brought a lot of attention to my (fiddly) mitered-square shawl.  (And was that ever a big surprise.  Man . . . it is so weird to open up Ravelry and BAM!  There you are. . . )  (Just sayin.)  But even in real life, whenever I wear this shawl, people compliment.

My least favorite project of 2018?  That would be this cowl.  It's just too thick and too big and too chunky to wear.


What's ahead, knitting-wise, for 2019?  I don't set number-of-project goals for myself, but I do have a few goals and plans - and a pledge - for knitting in 2019.


  • Choose projects with more intention.  (Will I wear it?  Do I need it?  Do I already have yarn that would work?)
  • No mystery knits, KALs, or "banging out" anything.  (Be intentional.) (Be intentional.) (Be intentional.)
  • Knit what I feel like when I feel like it at whatever speed I feel like.  (Because knitting is for fun.)


  • I want to knit an oversized, cropped sweater.
  • I want to knit something with a colorwork yoke.
  • I need to knit another baby gift.
  • I need to replenish my dishcloth inventory.  (My mom used to keep me in dishcloths.  Sadly, I'm running out of the ones she knit for me.)
  • Turn the names I give my knitting projects (I name them all after songs) into a Spotify playlist.


  • In 2019, I will knit thoughtfully and with intention, and I will allow inspiration to guide me.


How about YOU?  What are your goals and plans for knitting (or making) in 2019?


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*(Oh.  And I never added my FAILED Carbeth to my projects page, so that's another sweater.)  (But let's just forget about that one.)