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Unraveling Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)

Looking back at my knitting in 2018 . . . it was All About the Fiddly!

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.30.18 AM

That's a screenshot of my Ravelry projects page for 2018 (the bottom right is X'd out because it was a 2017 finish).  A good year, all told.  There were 6 cowls/shawls/or wraps.  3 sweaters (including a vest)*.  2 hats.  2 pairs of mitts.  1 baby gift.  And . . . the fiddly stuff:

6 gnomes
2 monkeys
2 pumpkins
1 ornament

That's . . . a lot of fiddly for one year!  (And, really, that mitered-square shawl could fit into the fiddly category, too. . . )  

My favorite project of the 2018?


I love this sweater.  I wear it so often that it is now a pill-y mess.  But for this kind of everyday, workhorse of a sweater . . . that just adds to its charm!

(Runner-up is this shawl.)

My most-complimented project for 2018?  That would be this one . . . 


Being the Ravelry Cover-Girl for a couple of weeks really brought a lot of attention to my (fiddly) mitered-square shawl.  (And was that ever a big surprise.  Man . . . it is so weird to open up Ravelry and BAM!  There you are. . . )  (Just sayin.)  But even in real life, whenever I wear this shawl, people compliment.

My least favorite project of 2018?  That would be this cowl.  It's just too thick and too big and too chunky to wear.


What's ahead, knitting-wise, for 2019?  I don't set number-of-project goals for myself, but I do have a few goals and plans - and a pledge - for knitting in 2019.


  • Choose projects with more intention.  (Will I wear it?  Do I need it?  Do I already have yarn that would work?)
  • No mystery knits, KALs, or "banging out" anything.  (Be intentional.) (Be intentional.) (Be intentional.)
  • Knit what I feel like when I feel like it at whatever speed I feel like.  (Because knitting is for fun.)


  • I want to knit an oversized, cropped sweater.
  • I want to knit something with a colorwork yoke.
  • I need to knit another baby gift.
  • I need to replenish my dishcloth inventory.  (My mom used to keep me in dishcloths.  Sadly, I'm running out of the ones she knit for me.)
  • Turn the names I give my knitting projects (I name them all after songs) into a Spotify playlist.


  • In 2019, I will knit thoughtfully and with intention, and I will allow inspiration to guide me.


How about YOU?  What are your goals and plans for knitting (or making) in 2019?


Be sure to visit Kat today for more "unraveled" inspiration!


*(Oh.  And I never added my FAILED Carbeth to my projects page, so that's another sweater.)  (But let's just forget about that one.)


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WOW! Such great projects and you made a lot. Like you, I do not set goals (number of projects, etc.) - just spoils it for me and takes the *fun* out of knitting. I'll definitely make socks because I love to knit them and we can always use them! I need more dishcloths too - many of mine have turned into rags for mopping floors! I'm thinking of a Stopover and I'd like to knit one of the shawls from a recent issue of Laine. Time will tell. No pressure here! Oh! and some more fingerless mitts because they are FAST and make great gifts!


I'm looking forward to your playlist! I will be lucky to knit this year. Last year I got one pair of socks, one sweater (waiting to be sewn together), and one hat. It's laughable, but I don't care! I'm happy! On to more socks this year!


I love to knit everyday, but, being a slow knitter, I always feel pressure to work harder and faster at my knitting. I'm letting that go and am going to focus on knitting what I want at a pace I'm comfortable with and enjoying my knitting time. I don't have any long range plans for knitting this year, but am currently working on a pair of mittens for a friend and have just begun a Stopover for me. Like you, I really need to refresh my dishcloths, so I do see those in the future!

Cheryl S.

Those are some great projects you did! I was the Rav covergirl once too, and it's DEFINITELY weird! And rather alarming.


Good for you! I am likewise knitting with more intention this year - no banging, no 4-day knit-insanity, no MKAL's (although my heart is the tiniest bit sad about this - but I am going to Make My Own Arrow's instead!)

No impulse knitting at all for me this year - I too had a very failed Carbeth (great design, no great on me). But I have some things I want to make that are not necessarily new designs, but rather things that have stayed on my radar for a long time. This year will be the year of making those things!


Beautiful collection of knitted items for 2018! How fun that your projects are their own playlist. I’ve gotten very lazy when naming my projects this year. Might consider that to be a small goal this year. I’m totally in on intentional knitting. I want to knit pieces that will be functional in my wardrobe not just the next shiny object. I’m still working on trying to match deep stash with intentional projects. No MKALs!! I did a Stephen West MKAL and though I love the shawl it took a lot of knitting time. I want continue charity knitting as that gave me great satisfaction at the end of last year. Spinning goals another story AND I plan on adding weaving into the mix this year!


You DID knit a lot of fiddly stuff but it's all pretty great. I'm with you on no bandwagon knitting. It's so easy to get pulled into the call of other knitters but I also want to knit things I know someone will wear. The first thing I have to do in 2019 is finish the peace cowl (and please please remind me not to do this come December 2019) and then I want to knit myself another Stopover. And hats that will (hopefully) fit the intended recipient.


You were very productive! And I can see where that sweater would get a ton of wear. My one and only goal is to knit the same shawl pattern with two different yarn combos for me and Chrissy to wear on our Oct. 2019 Danube cruise. It will be a surprise for her and I think I've finally got the pattern nailed down.


You were definitely productive. Hope it was mostly fun!


That's a lot of great knitting, Kym! Those gnomes were a bit fiddly, I agree, but I've definitely knit fiddlier stuff than that... and I'd never have knit four if they were TOO fiddly. So darn cute, they are. Maddy is still winging her way to Oz with the two that I made for her & Viv!

The only MKAL that I intend to seriously consider this year is Kirsten's, especially if the pace of it is anything like last year's, but definitely not if it's any variation of circular. I have finally realized that THAT does not work for me.


I love all your 2018 projects, especially the gnomes (but not quite enough to knit fiddly ones of my own. My plans this year are a Sockhead Cowl or two, a Hitchhiker or two (I need some solid-colored ones!) and some baby knitting for a niece that I haven't even thought about. She's being induced next week so I hope to finish a couple warm hats. Beyond that ... we'll see!


I love the Hamilton ornament!!!!


Great collection of knits for 2018! Well done you. My knitting aim is to knit for pure enjoyment - period. If I am not enjoying the project - it's a no go. I tend to get caught up in what I "should" knit next so I am pulling myself up short.


LOVE! (well, except for the fiddle-y but I do love that was you and not me ;-) I do hope for a full and fun year of finishes because that Spotify playlist is gonna be awesome! and you know I have a colorwork yoke in my 2019 plans, too. I'm looking forward to graph paper and colored pencils and I feel sure you'll have more inspiration to share there. Here's to a year of intentional knits!

(and btw my most complimented project ever was also a Ravelry cover-girl ... now in my "give away" pile because it's in a color that is completely NOT in my new wheelhouse)


Your knitting playlist is a fun idea! Looking fwd to seeing it. I too love your Ravelry cover-girl shawl and I plan - at some point in life - to knit a similar one.
Enjoy 2019’s knitting projects; I look forward to seeing...

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