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The Snow Day Curmudgeon

Yep.  That would be me.
(And I don't even have kids stuck in the house.)


On Monday, there was a snow day because temperatures were WAY below zero.  On Wednesday, there was a snow day because there was nasty freezing drizzle and too much ice.  Today, there is a snow day because . . . actual snow.


(And, really, not all that much.)

When my kids were in school, these were the days I dreaded.  (Because after the first couple of magical snow days, they do get old.)  Now I just turn into a curmudgeon.  Because my art class was canceled on Wednesday.  And my kickboxing class was canceled this morning.

Oh, well.  This gives me time to get back to organizing my sewing room. . . Onward!

Happy weekend, everyone.



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Oh boy. That snow can be a pesky thing - have a good weekend! XO


I hate when it disrupts what I want to do, but it sure is pretty in your yard.


It is pretty for sure, but can be frustrating. enjoy your organizational time!! how do you like kickboxing? Someone here at work was taking it a few years ago and loved it!


Wow! In my life in Nebraska and in Colorado, there has been only one incident of multiple snow days in a row.

P.S. I’m really old, so that’s particularly unusual.


Have a wonderful weekend Kym! I'd sell my soul for a mid-week all day blizzard to stay home! But one day is plenty!


I've become a curmudgeon about "snow forecasts" ... and we have one now for Tuesday. gah. I really do need milk! (and wine :-) I do not, however, need any of other things that will keep me warm and happy inside (knitting, books, internet, popcorn, fireplace) ... wishing you a weekend of ALL those things.

kim in oregon

I miss snow, until I read blogs like this one!


It's all in your perspective. I love snow days because I don't have to go to work and I still get paid. I'm hoping we coast through this winter without one, though, so that Dale is done with school by mid June.


I understand. Honestly, snow is OK. One can ski or snowshoe on that. Its the ice, slush, rain-on-top-of-snow that I dislike.

Caffeine Girl

As a teacher, I love snow days! But not too many. Tomorrow is going to be our second of the year ... and then we'll likely have a cold day or two later in the week. Making up snow days isn't much fun at all!

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