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The Siege: Day 3

Other than a brief sojourn in Texas, I've lived all my life in climates where winter is brutal.  Snow.  Ice.  Blizzards.  Cold.  I've seen many a snow day.  I remember schools canceling because of super low wind chills.  I've experienced white outs and black ice on the highways.  


But never for days and days in a row!  
(And I've never heard of a state calling a "state of emergency" from winter weather, either.  But it's happened here in Michigan this week.)

So.  Yeah.  

First, we got a snowstorm.  

Then, we started getting hammered with lake effect snow.

Then, the wind picked up and brought in the polar vortex.

And now, it's brutally cold.  (As you've no doubt heard.)  (Or are experiencing for yourself.)  

And still snowing.


Things I never thought would close . . . are closed.  There is no mail delivery.  No garbage pickups.  Our streets haven't been plowed in days.  Same with my driveway.  (We hire a guy.  I don't know where he is right now. . . )  I have a library book due today, but the library is closed.  (I hope they forgive my fine.)  The courts are closed.  Dentists offices are closed.  Restaurants are closed.  Pretty much everything that isn't a hospital or grocery store is closed.

It really is kind of like a siege.
(But a great opportunity to read and knit and binge-watch The Good Place.  So there is that.


But no worries.  I hear it's supposed to rain by Sunday!