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The Siege: Day 3

Other than a brief sojourn in Texas, I've lived all my life in climates where winter is brutal.  Snow.  Ice.  Blizzards.  Cold.  I've seen many a snow day.  I remember schools canceling because of super low wind chills.  I've experienced white outs and black ice on the highways.  


But never for days and days in a row!  
(And I've never heard of a state calling a "state of emergency" from winter weather, either.  But it's happened here in Michigan this week.)

So.  Yeah.  

First, we got a snowstorm.  

Then, we started getting hammered with lake effect snow.

Then, the wind picked up and brought in the polar vortex.

And now, it's brutally cold.  (As you've no doubt heard.)  (Or are experiencing for yourself.)  

And still snowing.


Things I never thought would close . . . are closed.  There is no mail delivery.  No garbage pickups.  Our streets haven't been plowed in days.  Same with my driveway.  (We hire a guy.  I don't know where he is right now. . . )  I have a library book due today, but the library is closed.  (I hope they forgive my fine.)  The courts are closed.  Dentists offices are closed.  Restaurants are closed.  Pretty much everything that isn't a hospital or grocery store is closed.

It really is kind of like a siege.
(But a great opportunity to read and knit and binge-watch The Good Place.  So there is that.


But no worries.  I hear it's supposed to rain by Sunday!


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I'm from the "snowbelt" region of NY State and spent many harsh winters in the snowy city of Syracuse and in the Catskill Mountain Region. Although it is -15 with a -35 windchill here in central Illinois today, winters here are so much milder and shorter than they were in NY that I don't really mind them at all! Stay warm !

kim in oregon

I lived in Chicago for ten years and I always thought you couldn't have snow and really cold air at the same time. Usually it was snow and then bitter cold. Something about clouds? And keeping it warmer? I don't know. I have no scientific basis for this but I'm completely freaking out about the bitter cold and the snow all at the same time.


Here in northeast MA, we have not had much snow this winter (although we had 105 inches just 3 yrs ago!), and the cold you are experiencing will arrive here early this evening -- but not forecast to be quite as severe as what you have. I hope you are able to stay warm throughout!


That's a lot of extreme weather you're having. We're supposed to get that cold but not like what you're experiencing. I predict a baby boom for your area next fall. Just sayin.


We spent a few years in Syracuse when my father was stationed at Hancock Field. One winter (I think '70) we had 169 inches. Six kids, three bedroom base housing duplex. Nine snow days. Two years later we were stationed in Colorado Springs when Halloween was cancelled because of a three foot snowfall. It's amazing my mother is still sane! No wonder they decided to retire from the military to Florida when I was in middle school. :-)

Stay warm!


Poor Garden Buddha! ( Silly as it is, kind of want to rescue him and bring him indoors to warm up!)


I grew up in Michigan and remember the winters- tho’ none as severe as you’ve described. Hope the rain doesn’t have you all swimming. Hang tight . Sending you warm thoughts and temperatures!
Cheers ~


Ahhh, Michigan - you do winter so, well - supremely wintry! Stay warm!!


THE WEATHER IS NUTSO! 40s and rain this weekend. Crazy. Well, Kate and I had planned a trip to IKEA today and... we went! Cold & windchill be damned. We don't get the snow like you do and the roads were fine. Also, we had IKEA practically TO OURSELVES! When does that ever happen?? It was awesome. (They were taking advantage by doing staff training in certain departments, limited menu in the restaurant, and closing early.)


wow. thank goodness for the internet. don't you wonder how our parents managed without it?! Sara introduced me to The Good Place the year she moved to NYC (so late 2017). We binged season one while she settled in. I could never imagine how future seasons might play out (because we know the "secret"?) but apparently there is more to discover. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll watch! STAY WARM!


Are you all out of renewals for your library book? I always forget about that option. I've been in that weather in various places. But never as the mother of six kids. Yikes. Bring on the wine, the cocoa, and the binge-watching for those of us not that encumbered!

Caffeine Girl

Ditto! I heard that 10 states cancelled mail delivery today. That is definitely a first.
I kind of enjoy being forced to stay home and knit, read, embroider, etc. But I wouldn't want it to go on too much longer.


I'm not going to complain about our weather (much) ever again! It's 22 this morning and the high is 40! (heat wave!) The sky is on the clear side of inversion. SO, I am feeling a little guilty that I'm happy with my weather and you are living through extremes. Settle down and concentrating on my own book or stitching would be difficult as I'd be worrying about the world I can't see. I hope you stay warm, safe AND that the melting doesn't cause yet more problems in your area (and that it comes soon!). XOX

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