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So.  Every year, pretty much ever since we were dating, Tom and I try to see all the movies nominated for an Oscar.  We have a definite strategy:  Beginning in late summer, once all the film festivals start creating "buzz," I make a list --  and we start seeing lots and lots of movies.  (Our strategy is to start early, because some of the movies come out earlier than others, and around here, if you miss them when they first show . . . well, you might miss them altogether.)  (And that would never do!)

Today, our list got a lot shorter.  Because today the Oscar nominations were announced.


(We used to just try to see the movies nominated for Best Picture, but that got too easy for us.  Now we actually try to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress/Actor, Best Supporting Actress/Actor, and both Original and Adapted Screenplay.)  (It's not as hard as it sounds, because there is generlly a lot of overlap.)

Our list of "still to see" movies is not terribly long at this point -- and should be pretty doable since many of these movies are streaming or available to rent somewhere.  I'm pretty sure we'll hit our goal before February 24 -- the date for this year's Oscar broadcast.  

We always have a great time at the movies!

How about YOU?  What are your favorites this year?  (Or . . . which movies would you like to see?)


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oooh, that's the shortest list I think I've seen for y'all this time of year! and I've only heard of two of them - no big surprise! ... and typing that I wonder if you've considered adding in the movies nominated for scores/songs? (that seems right up your alley!) assuming you've seen Mary Poppins Returns and RBG, that might only add Isle of Dogs. which you've probably seen too! (never mind ...)

kim in oregon

I love your notebook with your list. Once again, you live a life that I want to emulate.

Except I hate going out to the movies. I just wait til they come out on demand. So I have seen exactly none of them.


We still stick with just the BP nominees and still have to see several but . . . we have a plan! The Favourite could be the trickiest one for us but I'm hopeful. I love the movies and I love The Oscars!!


We rarely go to the movies. I think the last movie I saw was either Rogue 1 (at a vintage theater in Jacksonville, Florida) or Birdman (on DVD at the request of our son).

There was one movie I thought about seeing, Bohemian Rhapsody. But, I saw a clip of it on the news tonight and ya know....I think I want to remember Freddie Mercury as he was, not by someone portraying him.

Have fun at the movies. I hope YOUR favorites win an Oscar.


This year the movie I most want to win is a documentary called Free Solo. It is breathtaking. I knew the story beforehand, I have followed the filmmakers on social media for years, and I was still on the edge of my seat, white knuckling it through the film. It’s a must see!


What fun! I love that you do this!! I have just seen Roma... and really loved it. Good luck as you finish up your viewing!


I'm not much of a movie-goer. Theatres are way too loud for moi. And I get antsy. I prefer to watch at home where I can pause and take a break. However, we did go see The Favourite at Christmas-time and it was wonderful (and only 2 other people in the theatre!!).


I love going OUT to the movies. It's an entirely different experience. Just much earlier in the day at our age. I loved "Green Book" and Glenn Close in "The Wife". I hope she wins!


YES! I have seen a few of the nominated movies already, too! Still quite a few on my list, though, that won't be at the Best Picture Festival (incuding Roma, for some reason) -- The Wife, Eternity's Gate (Willem Dafoe is from 'round here!), Ballad of Buster Scruggs. New this year, they'll be showing nominated "Shorts" before each day's feature films (possibly to make up for the absence of Roma, also only 8 films this year and it's recently been more like 9).


I'll comment that Free Solo was soooo good. I'd like to catch The Favourite this weekend and maybe another. I love your lists!


There are quite a few I'd like to see but my movie pal won't be seeing movies for a long time. (sob) Smith is just too busy to see movies. I need a new pal!


Ha ha ha, I read Green Book, as Green Room and was like... never heard of it..... looked at a preview and was like REALLY?? ~scratching my head. Not a movie for me.... nor the Oscars.... ~still smiling.

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